Listen, I’m sorry that I did not recap the Flash and Arrow episodes. Things have been extremely busy with the holidays and work so my apologies. The winter finale of The Flash has arrived and it keeps pace with what has been an amazing season so far for this freshman show.

Meta-Human of the Week

The reverse FlashThe Reverse Flash: Born in the 25th Century, Eobard Thawne grew up idolizing the Flash and studying the legacy of the Scarlet Speedster. However, as he learned more about the Flash, Eobard discovered how his own life was linked to his hero’s: He was destined to become one of Barry Allen’s greatest villains, a revelation that led Eobard to grow unhinged. When he eventually replicated the chemical accident that granted the Flash super speed, Eobard took on a new identity—that of the Reverse-Flash, a wicked subversion of everything the Flash stands for.

Via: DC Comics

The Flash yellow suit 01The Good 

-Firestorm saves the day. Another Meta-human who can help The Flash fight the bad guys? Count me in! Caitlin once again plays a bigger role on the show as her and Cisco hunt down Ronnie.

-Barry tells Iris how he feels about her. I really thought that this would lead to Eddie becoming the villain, but I guess it’s a little soon for that. But Eddie is on to Barry in regards to this, so look for this to be a developing plot.

-We find out that there was another Speedster there the night that Barry’s mother was killed. A Red one…

-The Flash Ring makes an appearance! Wells uses it in a more “realistic” way to access the costume.

-Amazing fight and chase scenes with the two Speedsters!

The Flash yellow suit 02The Bad

-It’s Christmas time in Central City and the show gets off to a slow start. This episode was definitely way more “CW-ish” than most of the previous ones.

-Firestorm. Though in the good, also in the bad. The character more or less is just a Human Torch rehash in this episode and I am wondering why they aren’t taking the classic route with the character. You know where it’s two guys and Firestorm fights in his own head… yeah we’ll see how that works out. Though other Firestorm familiars like Stein and Rusch are set to appear in the near future, I wonder if the show would be able to pull it off.


Dr. Wells 

Is Wells actually the Reverse Flash? Though I don’t mind this development, I wonder why the showrunners decided to take this route. Is Eddie Thawne a red herring? Is Well’s the future Eddie? While most of this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when compared to DC Comics continuity, I’m sure there’s more to come surrounding the Reverse Flash seeing that there has been various versions of the character in the comics.The Flash yellow suit 03