Last year’s Force Friday was a huge disappointment for not only myself but many Star Wars fans across the globe. I wrote an article about it last year and you can check it out here. I’m not sure if Hasbro didn’t release (have supply of) enough products at first because they didn’t understand the market or they just didn’t care. In my opinion this is something that Disney should have revoked their license for. A company like Hasbro shouldn’t have the lockdown on the market to make action figures based on our favorite sci-fi franchise as I would like to see a company like NECA get a swing at making some collector figures. I am very happy with what Bandai does with their Figuarts but I would like to see something at the lower price range that actually looks good. Force Friday returns this year on September 30th and I wonder what will happen this time around.

I will admit that Hasbro did a better job at playing catch up over the last year with producing more figures in later waves along with re-releasing past ones. Rogue One hits theater this December so Hasbro once again will release their new products on a special day which is now being rumored to be called Rogue Friday. Like they did last year, fans will line up to try and get their hands on the latest toys, clothing, collectibles and more the minute they hit stores at midnight on September 30th. There are some rumors on what Hasbro products will be available so here is the list according to what’s floating around the interwebs:

  • Certain products will be available for pre-order.
  • There will be fewer products launching for Rogue One than there were for the Force Friday launch of The Force Awakens.
  • There will be only one wave of Black Series 6″ toys available at the event, featuring Rey (Jakku), Kylo Ren (Unmasked), Jyn Erso (Jedha), Cassian Andor (Eadu), K-2SO, and the Imperial Death Trooper. A second wave will arrive in November, featuring Director Krennic, a Scarif Stormtrooper, C-3PO (The Force Awakens), and Princess Leia Organa.
  • No Super-Articulated 3.75″ toys will be available, other than a Walmart-exclusive line. There will be one wave of 5POA 3.75″ toys available for Force Friday, which will include Jyn Erso, K2SO, Kanan Jarrus (Stormtrooper), Imperial Grand Crer, Imperial Stormtrooper, Sabine Wren, and Kylo Ren. In November, a wave made up of Chirrut Îmwe, Princess Leia (Rebels), Jyn Erso (2), Director Krennic, Captain Cassian Andor, Rey, and Darth Vader will arrive.
  • Class I Vehicles: Assault Walker, Ezra Bridger’s Speeder, and AT-DP Pilot with Speeder.
  • Class II Vehicles: FO Snowspeeder repack, A-wing with Hera, Y-wing Scout Bomber with Kanan, and another vehicle with no clear product name.
  • Lastly, Deluxe 2-Packs will be a part of the toy line, with Death Trooper/Rebel Commando Tao, Scarif Stormtrooper/Moroff, and Officer Blue Squad Leader/HB Officer being the specific combinations. (The first two are explicitly tied to Rogue One, while that last one is tied to The Force Awakens.)

I’m falling off the wagon when it comes to Black Series and most of my figures will be for sale sooner or later. I will probably continue collecting the 3.75″ figures as I have been since childhood and my collection consists of figures from vintage to modern. So the question is Towelites will you be there waiting in line on 9/30? I won’t be, I won’t be burned again.