Personally I can’t wait any longer for the Mythic Legions action figures to arrive at my house. The successful Kickstarter launched a new line of fantasy figures from Four Horsemen Studios. This year at Toy Fair the company announced the first major expansion to that series. Joining the fray will be (final names to come):

  • Templar Knight
  • Undead Viking
  • Gladiator Skeleton
  • Orc Weapons Master
  • Troll 1
  • Troll 2

The trolls look to be a really amazing oversized figures and I want one for my collection, I also see a some similarities to a certain Man-at-Arms when I look at the Orc Weapons Master (which I actually find awesome). Preorders for these new figures will be up soon and we will keep you updated for when that will be exactly.  You can also check out the official store for Four Horsemen Studios for more information and products!