Well Towelites, it has happened! The ‘Mythic Legions’ Kickstarter from Four Horsemen Studios is fully, FULLY funded. I mean of course there’s still seven days left in the campaign, but as of this past weekend all stretch goals have been achieved! I mean there’s always the chance that they could reveal some more amazing add-ons, but that’s just me sitting here hoping and geeking out about what surprises the Four Horsemen still have up their sleeves.

What was announced this week, is we now have details for the highly anticipated ‘Mythic Legions’ comic book! Check out who will be working on the project! Along with a first look at the wrap-around cover for the comic!

Mythic Legions comic book 01

Fans have been eagerly anticipating details of the creative team since the book’s announcement, but today the Horsemen made it official by sharing that comic book/ animation producer and novelist Greg Weisman (Disney’s Gargoyles, Young Justice, Star Wars: Rebels) will be crafting the story behind the amazing toy line. The book will feature a colorful wrap-around cover and interior art by Marcelo Ferreira (IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers/Angry Birds), and the possibility of more surprise artists to come. The 48 page prestige format graphic novel also includes 22 pages of pulse pounding fantasy action, figure stats, and back story on the entire Mythic Legions toy line.

This is really exciting and a dream come true! I love the amount of detail and love that’s gone and will be put into this project! For those of you who’ve already pledged you may want to consider throwing down an extra $13 for the artbook. Even if you don’t want to buy the figures, you an get the book alone at one of the lower tiers. From the comic, BHS pics & info, RPG game, and more, this will be the perfect companion piece to your collection.

Finally today, I thought I would share the two final figures with you. Check out Azhar and Zazhar! These two brothers are unaffiliated with any of the previously announced factions. Take a look at their dynamic paint apps, which totally set them aside from the rest of the bunch! Very cool!

Head on over to the official campaign page for Mythic Legions at this link. Like I said there’s still seven days remaining, so that means there’s still time to jump on board!


A new stretch goal was added on for the $180,000 level, and of course that has already been met! Check out the EXCLUSIVE add-on which will now be available! Introducing Sir Valgard!

Mythic Legions Exclusive Figure Kickstarter


This dwarven warrior will only be available through the Kickstarter and will not be sold after the campaign or on the Four Horsemen online store, Store Horsemen. Also announced are a couple more cool weapon packs that include badass weapons like a warhammer, magic staff, and more!