I am going to be pretty blunt about this month’s box, it sucked. I know that Funko thinks that it is ok to just give us two POP! figures and send us on our merry way with a t-shirt and a shite POP pen, but really it’s not. What I like about these geek boxes is the variety and cool things inside, this one and the ones before it not so much. Because these boxes are based on Star Wars I feel that Funko thinks that they can give us as little as possible and we’ll be happy. This is not the case. I actually am really on the fence now about canceling my sub BUT then they go and announce the one box I’ve been anticipating most, Bounty Hunters. Well at least this will give me the opportunity to make a real decision about the future of my money expenditure. At this point I would rather pay for a He-Man action figure sub, or maybe a Star Wars Black Series one. HEY HASBRO ARE YOU LISTENING?!

Anywho, this May we will be getting the next box and I WILL do an unboxing for it, unlike the past two shite boxes. Head on over to the official Smuggler’s Bounty site to order your Bounty Hunter box today!bounty-hunters-large-box