Captain America: Civil War is the best Marvel movie, and probably the best comic book movie EVER! Not only did we get to see the premiere of Black Panther but also a certain wall-crawler as well. That’s right Spider-Man has come home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! To celebrate this event Funko is releasing an amazing 4-pack featuring two NEW POP! figures of Spidey, Hawkeye, and two POP! keychains of the battling heroes themselves, Cap and Iron Man. Check out the details below!

Pop! Marvel: Captain America/Iron Man/Hawkeye/Spider-Man

Spider-Man and Hawkeye join the Captain America: Civil War Pop! line
in a never-before-seen two Pop! and two Pocket Pop! Keychain bundle!

No matter which side you choose, these bobble-heads
are essential for any Marvel collector!

Funko Civil War pack
Coming in June!