I have been lucky enough to find three out of the six Funko Legacy Collection Game of Thrones action figures. As most collectors and toy hunters know these hard to find figures were exclusively released to Barnes & Noble stores earlier this year, and they sold out almost immediately. So of course you saw these guys popping up on EBAY and going for extravagant prices, at first of course. Then Funko announced that these were only the first wave, and the bidding wars died down.

Series 1 should start popping up in stores and online within the next few weeks and hopefully I will be able to get my hand on an extra copy of the others for review purposes, because as you know I love to keep things in the package. Luckily for DFAT review purposes I found an extra Jon Snow and Chaz was able to score me two Daenerys’, so here we are again! What did I think of this figure, let’s find out.

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I have become a big fan of the window box type of packaging. Not as delicate as the blister card, yet more presentable and just as protective as the plastic clam shell. From the new look for the Hasbro Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black to the recent Mattel DC Signature Series, the window box has proven itself great for display and also for storage, one of the most important factors for the serious collector. Funko does a great job with their packaging on the Legacy Collection, I really enjoy that each character has its own personal color scheme. I was actually able to make good use of the red cardboard piece that was included as a backdrop for Dany for many of the shots I took of the figure, as you will see later on in the review.

Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons. It’s amazing to look at this figure and remember where her character began. Watching her grow and develop into the leader that she may someday become has been both epic and adventurous. This figure represents her days as Daenerys Stormborn, a name given to her due to the nature of her birth. She is one of the rightful heirs to the Iron Throne and who knows, she may someday rule. In the second series of Legacy figures we will be getting a newer version (Mother of Dragons outfit) of Dany, and I am really excited to get a Khal Drogo to accompany this one. This version of Dany is presented in her Dothraki garbs which I think is my favorite version of her on the show. Before she had the blood on her hands, as she was taking that first step into a bigger world. Then the dragons were born.

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I am more than impressed with Funko and their Legacy line. They have really proved to the collecting world that they can compete with the big guns and come out on top. Yes of course there were some quality issues with some of the figures, my Jon Snow had one or two. But let me tell you, Funko was ready to make right! Issues with Dany? None. Let’s run down her articulation and talk about that a little bit.

  • Head – ball joint
  • Shoulders – ball joints
  • Elbows – swivel/pivots
  • Wrists – peg joints
  • Hips – ball joints
  • Thighs – swivels
  • Knees – double pivots
  • Ankles – pivot/swivels

How important are both pivots and swivels in combination at certain points of an action figure, very! Not only does it allow for that extra poseability and flexibility, it also adds to the fun factor when taking pictures. One thing I am not too sure about is why Dany doesn’t have any kind of waist movement.

Paint-wise this figure is great. Clean application and great shading make this a really dynamic figure. I guess that’s what happens when you partner yourself with a top-notch company like Gentle Giant. In terms of looking like actress Emilia Clarke, the face is decent. The eyes and eyebrows, Clarke’s most recognizable trait, are there and they define the figure well. The hair is a separate piece that is glued on during the construction, but looks great on the figure. The detailing of the braids and the blonde shading are perfect, and the way that the hair is draped over her shoulders doesn’t hinder posing the figure too much. Another great thing about these figures, the scale. It is very important to a collector that when you are displaying a series that they look like they belong together. Funko does a great job with this, well I guess they would have to when Tyrion is part of the line!

Accessory-wise, Dany comes with the only weapon she needs, a dragon. Here we get Drogon, the larger of the three dragons. He is named after Khal Drogo. Originally Funko had planned to include all three of the baby dragons with this figure, but opted to do only the one. I am sure that we will see the other two at some point, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense especially since the next Dany figure isn’t pictured with one. Who knows. There is a notch on Dany’s shoulder where you can place the dragon and it sits nicely, he can also attach to her arm if you like.

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I love the Funko Legacy Collection, I can’t say it enough. Never would I have thought that I would be this excited for Game of Thrones action figures, yet here I am raving like a fan boy. I can’t wait until April when my Series 1 collection is complete, and then later in the year when the next wave hits.

Funko Legacy Collection Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen gets 4.75 outta 5 stars. The lack of all three dragons is the only gripe I really have with this figure. Other than that, everything is near perfect. When these hit stores, and are more prevalent again, if you are even thinking about picking them up, don’t hesitate. These are a collector’s dream and the detail that has gone into them is amazing. When action figures are upwards of near $20 these days, it’s important that you get the most for your money. Funko is where it’s at.


Queen of Dragons