It has been a long journey across the Westeros but we have done it friends, this is the final figure in the Game of Thrones Funko Legacy Collection. The Hound was on the top of my list and is my favorite figure in the series, and he’s not so bad on the show as well. Well he is but he’s not, you know what I’m saying. I am really looking forward to the Arya figure now, so that the two badasses can hunt down the scum of the land together. But enough of that, on to the review!

Funko Legacy The Hound


First off, this figure comes with the most accessories this side of The Wall! The Hound comes with two swords and his classic helmet, which was a major selling point for me. The helmet is made of soft plastic and fits perfectly on the character. Sometimes helmets can look awkward on action figure because they make them too big; this is not a problem here. In fact, it goes beyond my expectations and even has a hinge function so you can raise his visor. Packaging for this series is one of my favorites, the window box. I also really appreciate that each House gets its own color scheme, and if you are not part of a house (The Hound and White Walker), then you get the blue colored packaging with a personalized logo. Also, as usual, the cardboard backdrop is removable and works perfectly as a background for taking pictures!

Game of Thrones Funko Legacy The Hound 17


Visually this character is perfect. From the likeness to actor Rory McCann, right down to his burned face, to the size of the character. The Hound is definitely tall and bulky, which portrays his intimidating characteristics very well. The sculpting and paint are great just like the rest of the line, and Gentle Giant once again proves that they are one of the best in the business. The Hound’s armor is perfectly detailed and I like that they gave it more of a dull, washed look than a shiny metallic look. Like I have stated in my other reviews, I love the fact that Funko uses a combination of hard and soft plastic to build their figures. The use of soft plastic on the shoulder guards looks great and adds to the figures articulation. Hard plastic would only hinder some poses.

The hair is a separate piece that is added during production and it looks great! The piece is not completely solid, and even has a gap where his ear peeks through, this gives the figure a more realistic look in my opinion, and most importantly it doesn’t prevent the articulation of the head. The only issue I had with breakage on this figure was the hoop on the belt. The soft plastic hoop broke off when I tried to put the scabbard through the first time, but I fixed that with a little superglue and it hasn’t broken off since then.

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Speaking of articulation, here’s what you get:
– Ball-joined head
– ball-hinged shoulders, swivel right biceps
– ball-hinged elbows, swivel wrists
– ball-hinged hips, swivel thighs
– front-back hinged higher and lower knees, and ball-hinged ankles

There is a slight problem with the ankles, and with a figure of this weight and height posing can be problematic. The ankles seem to be off, and I have had issues standing the figure up straight (as you can see in the gallery above, he leans). I was able to fix it myself with a little force but that was worrisome at first because of the joint breakage issues I have had with some of the other figures. Luckily, they didn’t become too loose, which would have been a bigger problem, and now I can stand him with ease.  I am also kind of confused about the fact that some of these figures have torso articulation while some do not, the lack of this really cuts back on posing.

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Even with the issues that this figure has, it is still my favorite of the lot. I give the Game of Thrones Legacy Collection The Hound 4.5 outta 5 stars. The more accessories that Funko gives to their figures the better, and they really should try to do this with every possible release. I love the helmet and the fact that it has articulation of its own is amazing. You can find all of these figures at various online retailers and specialty stores, I found The Hound on Amazon, which actually has some of the best prices for the series. Which is actually quite amazing when you can pick these up for around 15 bucks! The quality and the price are an unbeatable combination, especially in today’s action figure market.

legacyThis wraps up my review of the Game of Thrones Funko Legacy Collection Series One, and I am more than impressed! You can check out my other reviews here! For their first venture into the world of “adult” action figures Funko hit it out of the park! Series Two cannot come soon enough and I am eagerly anticipating the announcement of Series Three!