With the fourth season of Game of Thrones debuting this week on HBO, and the fact that I was lucky enough to find three of the Funko Legacy Collection figures this past week. I thought it would be appropriate to try to bang out the rest of my reviews from this series. The only figure I am having an issue finding is The Hound, but no worries I still have a collector’s copy coming my way this month. Today, we will look at Tyrion Lannister. Peter Dinklage plays the “stout” character on the show, and Tyrion is one of my favorites of the series, but does his action figure live up to the expectations? Let’s find out.

Tyrion LannisterFunko Legacy. Like I’ve said before I really, really love this line. Tyrion is the perfect example of how to keep your characters all in-scale with one another, and what happens when you do? Well things just feel right, they all look like they belong on the same shelf together. Tyrion is 4 1/2 inches tall while the others stand at around 6 inches. He is depicted in his armor from the Battle of Blackwater Bay and comes with one accessory, a battle ax. I kind of wish they had given us a bottle of mead and a goblet but oh well.

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Sculpt-wise this figure does a great job emulating the look of Dinklage. Starting with the head, I can look at this figure and say “yes this is Tyrion”. Again the hair is a separate piece, but I don’t mind this as it adds depth to the character’s head. The beard shows up under different lighting conditions, a feature I like about the figure. Tyrion’s armor is made up of a combination of hard and soft plastic pieces. There is good detail when it comes to the lion heads on the shoulder guards, but they get bent out of place when you pose his arms in certain ways. The chest piece is a solid color, and the paint application is nice and shiny which gives the look of armor. The soft plastic faulds allow for leg mobility, which is fine here because the faux armor panels tie the look together. Paint application is smooth all over, something that is consistent with all of the figures so far in this series.

Articulation-wise, this is a tough one. Here’s what we get:

  • ball-joined head
  • ball-hinged shoulders
  • ball-hinged elbows, hinged wrists
  • ball-joined torso
  • ball-hinged hips
  • front-back hinged, swivel knees, swivel calves and hinged ankles

The only problem I have with showcasing the figure is that he doesn’t have many ways to hold his ax with both hands. The fact the he has short arms hinders him makes him a frustrating figure. I wish that Tyrion had more mobility in his wrists, it’s really annoying whenattempting to pose him in battle positions.

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Funko Legacy Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister gets 4 outta 5 stars. Not my favorite of the lot, especially due to the arm situation. But the figure looks like Peter Dinklage, so it gets major kudos for this. Tyrion was the hardest figure to find when the figures were first released and it was rumored that he was a store exclusive, but he’s not. I have seen him twice at Barnes and Noble in the past week, and when the figures get their big re-release this month he will be all over the place. Again, I love this series, I really can’t say it enough. I’m really looking forward to see if Funko and Gentle Giant make improvements on the figures as time goes on. Even with their small flaws these are some of the best action figures on the market today.

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