There’s no doubt that Funko has some of the best geek culture products available on the market! Besides the TONS of POP! vinyls on the market, the company will be releasing some great retro figures with their ReAction line, and we have a look at one of the first franchises to be featured, The Rocketeer! Check out all of the great new swag hitting shelves soon!


ReAction: The Rocketeer

Take flight with The Rocketeer!
The beloved comic book character is the latest piece to be released from our ReAction line.

The Rocketeer comes equipped with a removable helmet and jetpack for his adventures in flight!
He may be a stunt pilot by day, but by night he zips through the Los Angeles skyline fighting crime as The Rocketeer!

Available in May!


Pop! Disney: Maleficent Movie

Disney’s Maleficent is in theatres May 30th!
Maleficent is the untold story of the mysterious villain from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
Find out the events that drove Maleficent to curse Aurora!

In anticipation of the movie, we are debuting two new beautiful Pop!’s!
Aurora looks angelic with her gold crown and Maleficent is looking particularly menacing!
Together they make the perfect pair!

Watch the trailer for Disney’s Maleficent right here!

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Available in May!


Pop! Animation: Hanna-Barbera

Hanna-Barbera is the latest addition to our Pop! Animation line!

Yabba Dabba Doo!
Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble traveled all the way from the Stone Age to receive the Pop! treatment!

From Frankenstein Jr. & The Impossibles we have your favorite crime fighting robot… Frankenstein Jr!

Last but not least…
Hong Kong Phooey!
The number one super cool guy!

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Available in June!