The new Incredibles 2 trailer hit yesterday and it was a ton of fun. It has been far too long since everyone’s’ favorite superhero family made it back into the spotlight (sorry F4). Funko of course has the license and has unleashed a plethora of collectibles for you to hunt down based on all of the colorful characters from the upcoming movie. Check them all out below and catch Incredibles 2 in theaters on June 15th!

Incredibles 2

Your favorite family of superheroes is back in Incredibles 2!
This time around Helen is in the spotlight to save the world, while Bob is at home with the kids.

While we eagerly await the release of Incredibles 2 collect your favorite
characters from the film as Funko SuperCute Plush, Pop! Pens, Pop! Keychains,
Mystery Minis, Pop! and exclusive Rock Candy!

Check out Incredibles 2 releasing June 15th, 2018!

SuperCute Plush: Incredibles 2

Pop! Pens: Incredibles 2

Pop! Keychains: Incredibles 2

Look for this exclusive version of Jack-Jack – Only at Hot Topic!

Mystery Minis: Incredibles 2

Look for Monster Jack-Jack, Raccoon, and Reflux at Target!

Pop!: Incredibles 2

Look for exclusives!
Find Elastigirl at Target!

Monster Jack- Jack is a Funko Shop exclusive!

Fire Jack-Jack is available at Target!

A chrome version of Jack-Jack is available at Hot Topic!

Jack-Jack shown in diaper is available at FYE!

Rock Candy: Incredibles 2

Look for this exclusive Elastigirl Rock Candy, available only at FYE!

Available now!