Futurama Hey all,

I have something to tell you… about the future;  say, around 1000 years from now.  It’s full of lobster people, Martians, alcohol drinking robots and transportation tubes.  And it’s AWESOME.

If you haven’t got my drift yet, we’re talking about Futurama.  At this point I will remind you that I am intrigued with “Top 5” lists (I think they say a lot about who you are, and it’s fun to try and sort through your favorites); and, well,… Futurama is my #1 on my Top 5 sitcom list (followed by Arrested DevelopmentSeinfeld and a couple more).

So, why am I bringing up my favorite show?  Because this upcoming season, which is to be considered the 2nd half of season 7, (why they don’t just name it season 8 is beyond me), will be the shows final season… again.

futurama dead

The show, brought to us by Simpsons creator Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, originally began on FOX back in 1999 (running 72 amazing episodes) until its cancelation in 2003.  With a series finale that touched the hearts (The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings), fans were left wanting more.  And Comedy Centralresponded…  by acquiring syndication rights.  And after 4 straight-to-DVD movies from FOX studios (which were later split into another 16 episode season), Comedy Central brought Futurama back in 2010 – for another 52 great episodes.

Some might say they weren’t the same, but to them I say NAY! (or in this case “DOCTORATE DENIED!”).  Any show that comes back in this way is always overly criticized and under the spotlight.  People are waiting to judge and tear apart – especially because the show’s “return” status.  Arrested Development (with its upcoming Season 4 by Netflix) will have to deal with the same judgment.  And I agree… I judge the same way… “Is this still just as good?” I ask myself… “Is the magic still there?”.

Futurama Cast

I’m happy to say that for the most part, it was.  And more importantly, I learned something else.  We are all more critical upon the first viewing of each new episode… like we’re anticipating the trip and fall, and we don’t want to miss it.  But having bought the DVD’s once released, and re-watching these latest season, I have to say one thing… they’re just as good.  It’s not till time has passed from that first viewing that we get to shed aside our “critical nature” and watch the show for what it was.  In fact, I’ve seen all seasons (new and old) so many times – sometimes I forget which ones are which.  Well, not really, but my point is the episodes are done with the same formula and style, and carry with them the same magic.

Sure, maybe you have episodes that might lack a little, but all shows do.  Hell, have you even watched Simpsons season 15-19?  No?  Exactly… I wonder why…

That’s why, just like it did in 2002, Futurama  won a 2nd Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program, in 2011.  And though its viewership has fallen from when it started, it still help up at 1.7 million (in 2012).

philip j fry

I truly believe Futurama has held its quality, status, and head high throughout its entire series.  A series full of entertainment, comedy, wittiness, fun, and more importantly, heartwarming stories and moments.  As a show, it’s had an amazing arc, both the characters within it, and its “life” on television (cancelations, movies and what-not), which have not only been handled great, but the interaction between the two (ie the clever remarks and jokes within the show of it being “cancelled”) are witty, hilarious and priceless!  And though I am sad that this season will be its last, I like the idea that it’s still on top of its game – and if it ends, it ends untarnished; with it being overall great, from beginning to end (final season pending).

This final season, set to premiere on June 19th and come to an end on September 4th, is rumored to be better than ever.  According to the creators (including Dave Bernath, Comedy Central’s executive vice president of programming), this upcoming season is meant to be the best season yet – as they’re breaking out all their greatest stories and ideas and want to finish off on a good note.

Bernath quotes “The upcoming season promises to be the best final season of Futurama yet”, and Groening mentions how he is “-very proud of the upcoming season.  If this is indeed the end of Futurama, it’s a fantastic finish to a good, long run.”

I for one am super excited, and cannot wait to see what this next season brings.  In fact, like I do with most of my favorite shows, I think I’ll marathon through all the episodes in advance – just as a refresher to how amazing the show is.

What do you all think of the show?  Any favorite moments or episodes?  Any collectables?  My friend Charles is all about collectables, so a few years back I got him an actual can of Slurm! Check it out here (along with some of his other collectables, including a couple more Futurama).  Personally, other than the dvd’s, I’m not a “collectible” person; but for my favorite show ever, I had to give in and collect the Kidrobot figurines (see pic below)… I’m only missing Robot Devil.  Anyone have it and is willing to sell/part with it???


Stay tuned with us here at DFAT, as we bring you any updates that come through forFUTURAMA!  In the meantime, check out Futurama’s page on Facebook, as they do a “50 Day Countdown” and release new exclusive content (including stills and clips).