The future end today… and as literal as that can be, I’m speaking of the end of Futurama.

At the beginning of the season, I expressed my love for this show, and how amazing I think it is (check out the post here). I had mentioned how I thought it was still doing good, at the top of it’s game, and how it was nice that it was ending while in that state. This season has done nothing more than prove how amazing the show still is, and how I anticipate every Wednesday to see a new episode.

Sadly, today is the show’s last episode… ever. Well, it’s technically ended before – but before, the show had been cancelled. This time, they’re just ending it. If it comes back in the future, no one knows. And though I like how it goes out remaining untarnished, my heart is still heavy, knowing that the time has finally come. This is it… my favorite show ever, is ending.

fry and bender

The season has been better than ever, with funny, clever, witty and heartwarming episodes. And today’s finale, based on Leela and Fry’s love, is bound to be a touching one.

As a goodbye, the show will have a pair of live-streamed chats, Futurama Live (moderated by Chris Hardwick, and featuring creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, along with Billy West and more); one before and one after the finale. The pre-gaming begins at 9:30pm (8:30c) and the post-gaming at 10:30 (9:30c). You cant catch this on the Futurama site or the Nerdist Youtube channel! They’ll be saying their goodbyes with us, going over fan questions, artwork and I’m sure favorite moments.


So, I say, if your a fan, lets try to give back to the show. Let’s say goodbye the best way a fan can. Let’s give them the best ratings they have ever had. Let’s say ‘thank you’ to the creators, and to Comedy Central (for bringing it back). Whether you’ve been a fan or not, this show has been part of our culture for 14 years. It has a quality you can’t deny (whether your style or not is a different question). So let’s all tune in to comedy central for the finale of FUTURAMA! Have friends who watch it? Invite them over. Not enough room? Then just remind them to watch it. Share this post. Copy the webpage, and paste it in your comments. Paste it in a text. Spread the word… let’s surprise those creators with how many viewers they truly have!

futurama group

Here is to you Futurama… thank you for all the great moments!