Next to social media, gaming is one of the top ways people pass the time on their smartphones. It’s a multibillion dollar industry and getting bigger each year. While people continue to play Clash of Clans today, developers are out there working on tomorrow. And it’s not just the next cute title either. There are major hardware and software changes coming to the industry that could make mobile the top way people game.

Virtual Reality

VR isn’t just the future of mobile gaming; it’s the future of computing, period. With the Oculus Rift officially launching in March, the beginning of consumer virtual reality is here and it doesn’t stop with large gaming headsets.

Scientists in Belgium have already developed a curved LCD screen that fits inside a contact lens, potentially eliminating the need for an awkward headset (which was the downfall of Google Glass). Even though it may take years before consumers can purchase VR contacts, Google has a fun and affordable alternative, called Google Cardboard. True to it’s name, Cardboard is literally a piece of foldable cardboard that forms a VR headset. You simply slide your Android phone, like the LG G5, in the front and it creates a makeshift virtual experience. It’s not the most sophisticated VR technology available, but developers are making games specifically for this application.

Bigger, Better Screens

Smartphone manufacturers invest a lot of time and money into the arms race that is the best display in the industry. Apple took the first shot with the Retina screen in the iPhone 4. Since then, companies like LG, Samsung and Sony have one-upped the industry with beautiful AMOLED displays (which is rumored for the iPhone 7).

It’s not just resolution, either. Screen size is on the rise and manufacturers are creating innovative ways to increase the screen size without making the entire phone larger. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Edge uses curved edges so the screen can reach past a traditional bezel. This keeps the Edge at a good size, while the screen is big and vibrant.

Top Tier Publishers

There are some fantastic mobile games that now surpass what was available on consoles, PCs and portable devices like the PSP. Sony announced it’s going to form a new company to develop games exclusively for mobile. This is a huge deal because, until now, the big names have taken a back seat to smaller developers in the mobile market.

Imagine Sony or Microsoft’s online gaming network brought to the mobile interface. Online play is a major component to consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, and it could completely change the mobile gaming experience, which is currently fragmented.

One Platform

While it’s currently only speculation, Microsoft’s recent olive branch extension to Sony has inspired some to want the same for Apple and Android. Microsoft is trying to make it possible to play Xbox games on the PS4, bringing unity to the console world. If the same could happen to mobile games, it would be the best case scenario for players.