The webs are still aflame with reactions to Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman. Mostly what I see is negativity stemming from the male side of things, which is kind of understandable seeing that everyone wants to see a “true” representative of an Amazon. But if we get away from her not being built like a brick s*%# house and look at her kick ass performance in the Fast and Furious movies, we may just have an actress who can pull it off. Gadot is very beautiful as well. Nonetheless, Variety is reporting that Gadot will be playing the part of Diana in three films. First in the upcoming Batman vs Superman film due out in 2016, then what most are expecting to be a Justice League movie, rumored to be shot immediately following Bats vs Supes. The third movie looks to be a Wonder Woman solo movie, which I am eagerly anticipating word on. Many people talk about how the character is old and irrelevant, and “nobody” cares, yet the current run of Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello is one of DC’s most popular titles and personally one of my favorite comic books on the shelves presently. So save the criticism people, who knows what DC has up their sleeves. The general public loved the Dark Knight trilogy, which in my eyes is an insult to the Batman character pretty much through The Dark Knight Rises. Though I do enjoy Batman Begins (mostly) and some elements from The Dark Knight, these are just not great Batman movies. Due toMan of Steel being one of my favorite DC outings to date, I am willing to put faith into WB and DC to do what’s right and TRY to compete with what Marvel is doing with their characters. So I hope Gadot hits the gym hard and becomes the badass we need her to be to play Wonder Woman and we get to see a true to origin movie about her and all the Greek Mythos goodies that come with it!



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