This is something every Game of Thrones fan has to see! Below is a trailer for an classic 8-Bit video game, technically it’s 16 bit but who’s counting, it’s based on GOT! What an amazing idea, it even has a classic track of the main theme! The project is spearheaded by Abel Alves and you can head over to the official site and download the game here!

[box_light]The Game:
Game of Thrones The 8 bit game is a classic freeware platformer game inspired by the world of Game Of Thrones. In it, you can play four different characters from the TV series (and books, of course) , each with different abilities and attacks, over 4 levels filled with enemies and challenges, based on different parts of the saga. This game has been developed with the Arcade Game Studio . Check it out! 8-bit versions of the songs “Game of Thrones” and “Rain of Castemere” have been created by Floating Point Many of the backgrounds and sprites belong to Carl Olsson. Share the game with your friends, it’s free … :)[/box_light]


Stay tooned 😛



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