game of thrones

Art, towelites… Art.

Left and right, from Quarth to Westoros, if there is one thing you can say about Game of Thrones (other than it being one of the greatest shows ever), is that it inspires art.  It’s a an enormous fantasy world, with amazing characters (both good and bad, and mostly in between), with White Walkers and Dragons, Knights and Queens.  This story is full of vivid imagery, and so, vivid imagery is what we get.

Fan art has been appearing from the very beginning of the very first book, and exploded when the book became a show.  And after years of this great great fan art, we now get more official works of art.  And where better to get them, then from Mondo!


The above one is from Jock himself (on of CynicNerds favorite artist) who has some legendary work of both Batman and Wolverine (and many many more).  See the rest of Mondo’s amazing gallery below.

Another set of unique drawings come from Hogan Mclaughlin, who gives some some interesting gothic-like sketches that put a whole new persepctive to the characters of the story.  Check them out below for yourself.

Stay in touch, as we bring you more updates with the show closing in to its Season 3 premier (3/31).