Greetings Game of Thrones fans,

With season 4 in its pre-production phase, we get news of a new cast member added to the family.  The story of Game of Thrones is constantly evolving… characters dies, characters get introduced, you go from loving to hating some characters, and from hating to loving others, and its this constant change that keeps things crisp and interesting.

Without going into any spoilers, it can be mentioned that there is one of the 7 Kingdoms of Westoros that we have yet to be introduced to; Dorne.  Dorne is located to the very south of the Westoros continent, and has its own ties to some of the major families (which you will come to find out).

Westeros South

One of the characters from there is the prince of Dorne himself, Oberyn Martell, aka the Red Viper.  This guy is cool, mysterious, charming, and, as his nickname implies, extremely dangerous.  And he knows this.  And to play him, HBO found Chilean actor Pedro Pascal (Graceland, Red Widow, The Good Wife).

Pedro Pascal

I have to admit – though I’m not familiar with his previous work directly, I am picturing him as Oberyn and it fits in just great.  Could we ever had doubted HBO though? – so far they’ve nailed it with everyone (except Sandor Clegane, aka The Mountain… they could have definitely found someone better for that.  And despite that I think I pictured him a little direfertnly when I read the books, I’m super excited to see Pascal  bring this character to life.

Oberyn Martell

For a good refresher of the landscape and story so far, check out the world and recap sections from Direct TV‘s interactive Game of Thrones map, The Kings Roadmap.  This site is actually pretty cool, as it skips from scene to scene, showing you where on the map it’s taking place.  Covering all 3 seasons so far, you can really get the “bigger picture” of the story, and see how enormous the world actually is.

Stay tuned with us here at Don’t Forget A Towel as we will continue bringing you updates for this amazing show!