game of thrones


It’s finally here.  HBO‘s official trailer for Season 3 of Game of Thrones!  And let me tell you, I have goosebumps.

I’m a HUGE fan of the show, and if you’ve seen it, then you know why.  The books are AMAZING, and HBO has done an EXCELLENT job producing it;  something I give them credit for because they’re probably the only ones that could pull it off.

Maybe this trailer means more to me because of what I know of the story.  Season 3, which is suppose to be the first half of Book 3 (the series actually called The Song of Ice and Fire ), is one of my favorites.  The drama is at its best, and the surprises come left and right… if you’ve seen the show, then you already know… no character is “safe” in this story.  So when the last line of the trailer is “The Revenge you want, will be yours in time”… well… need I say more?

GoT Season 3 date


With shots of the White Walkers (after Season 2 ended the way it did), the Wall, our favorite characters, and our most hated ones, and lets not forget that shot of the dragon… I just can’t wait for it to start.

HBO, picks a great song (as always) to add for the trailer; Bones by MS MR.  My style music to begin with, I will be checking out the album myself after this (and will keep you towelites updated with news if it’s any good).

Check out the trailer below.  Stay in touch with DFAT as we bring you the latest updates for Game of Thrones!