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Hello all Game of Thrones fans. Here is a recap of episode 2: Dark Wings, Dark Words. As always, I warn you of spoilers, and tell you to watch instead. But if you’re going to keep reading, then so be it.

Bran it traveling north with his little brother, Rickon, Osha, Hodor and their direwolves (Summer and Shaggy Dog… though I didn’t notice any scenes with Shaggy… did I miss that? I guess only enough budget for one direwolf at a time). He dreams of a boy, and the 3-eyed crow.

Later in the episode, they meet a couple people, Jojen and Meera Reed – Jojen being the boy from his dream. The Reed’s where also banner-men to the Starks, but Jojen is a “seer”, and knows of an importance in Bran – so has travelled with his sister to find them. He explains to Bran about two things that Bran himself is… He is also a seer, which is someone who sees the moments in dreams (whether they be past, present or future). Bran is also a Warg – someone who can see through animals eyes by somehow putting themselves into the animal.


Robb gets bad news left and right. He finds out that Winterfell has been sacked and burned, and that his grandfather (Catelyns father) has passed away. He travels towards Riverrun so that his mother can attend the funereal. This is different from the book, as Cat’s father does not die until after they have reached Riverrun (though I don’t remember why they had travelled there to begin with in the book).

During their trip, Cat opens up to Robb’s new wife about her kids, her losses, and her guilt for never loving Jon. This scene is pretty intense, not only showing a very vulnerable side of Cat, but showing us how unfortunate Jon’s life must have been as well (as far as being a bastard).

Theon shows face… as he’s tied up, captured and tortured by… nobody knows just yet. Pain is the name of the game, and all the leader of this group wants to do is make Theon feel pain. At the end of the day, one of the servent reveals himself as being sent from his sister, and will free him later at night.

Jamie and Brienne continue to travel south, and Jamie is trying to push all her buttons. At some point he gets a hold of one of her swords and they go at it… after a lengthy and aggressive battle, Brienne shows to be victorious. In the book, the fight was crazy intense, going on for much longer as everything they could find was used in their fight. Jamie’s loss came not only because Brienne is indeed a formable opponent, but Jamie has not been in the healthiest condition this entire time as a prisoner – not to mention hands still tied up. But as their fight is about to end, a group of soldiers find them, recognize Jamie, and close in on them in an attempt to take Jamie captive and back to Robb Stark.


Sansa is still Sansa… she meets with Margaery and her grandmother, Lady Olenna – who is clever, witty and speaks her mind. She questions Sansa about what kind of man Joffrey, and is not surprised to hear the truth. But can Sansa trust them with her revelations??? And did you notice Margaery just shrug the news off? She clearly knows whats up. And from what it seems in later scenes, she’s knows how to work him. She is the perfect “wife”… knows what to say, how to say it and when to say it. But is she just a perfect wife, or does she have her own motives and is playing Joff for a fool?


Jon Snow is also traveling south with the Wildlings, and gets to meet a warg himself… a Wildling who was “in” a Hawk, scouting the perimeter… and brings in the news of the dead Nights Watchmen at the Fist of the First Men.

Farther south, Sam continues to travel even more south with the handful of brothers of the watch – his spirit is diminished and just wants to give up.

Arya, travels north but gets captured by a band of outlaws known as the Brotherhood Without Banners. They don’t seem to be “evil” in any kind of way, just trying to survive in a kingdom full of war. So when they are about to let her go, guess who else they bring in as a captive… Sandor Clegane – the dog himself (last seen fleeing Kings landing when he got wasted and freaked out over the fire… which I can understand, considering his face). And unfortunately, Sandor recognizes and outs her to the band… uh oh.


Tyrion and Shae share their love, in secret of course. Tyrion fears for them getting caught and her getting killed by his father. Meanwhile, Shae seems to have taken Sansa under her protection and asks Tyrion to help make sure she’s ok.

And that was it for the week. And I’m telling you – next week is BIG. There is going to be some major events… and not all of it with a happy ending.  Check out the preview below.

Until then…