Ladies… Gentlemen… Towelites…

Welcome to the midseason, fifth episode of season 3, Kissed by Fire. What a great episode. And this episode emphasized something about the show to me… how even in this “fantasy” story, the characters can be so real, so emotional, and so touching.

The scene in particular is one with Arya, but let me lead up to it. The show starts with a bang… Clegane vs Dondarrion. Thoros gives a prayer to their god of light, sets Dondarrions sword afire (which obviously freaks out the Hound) and a great sword-fight commences.


*note on the choreography; I have to admit, I’m always hoping/wanting some Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tiger type of fight… but in truth, that just wouldn’t fit the story. And in fact, an old movie – Excalibur, about King Author and the Knights of the Round table – had done some studies on battles with great swords and full plate armor, and believe it or not, its a lot of hack and slash. The weight of the armor and weapons and flexibility (or lack thereof) only allowed so much movement in battle. Not to say they where not proficient and skilled… just that they obviously had to deal with everything being “cumbersome”.

That being said… the fight was great. The battle was intense, and to me, you really got to see how good they were with their weapons. And as great as Dondarrion was, alas, he fell under the Hounds sword as it slashed down his shoulder to his chest, killing him. But as Thoros runs to him and begins praying over his body, Arya cannot accept that Clegane will be getting away with it, and tries to attack him herself; only to be stopped and pulled away. Poor Arya will never have her chance to vengeance. Clegane is set free.

But surprise to everyone – Thoros has prayed to the God of Light and brought Dondarrion back to life… WHAT?! That’s right. These scene makes you realize the bigger picture of this God of Light religion… similair to our own human history… there was a time where people, such as the Greeks and the Romans, believed in the God of Olympus; then the Christianity was introduced, a religion with one God, who performs all these miracles.


I’m not saying this is the right religion – just saying that this God of Light is starting to show a bigger presence in the story (which to me also puts more importance on Stannis, who is supposedly chosen to win by the Lord of Light himself; or so Melissandre says).

Anyway, to the scene I’m talking about… Over the burning fire in a quiet night, Arya speaks to Thoros and Dondarrion and learns about how Dondarrion has been killed 5 times before, only to be brought back each time – though at a cost. It seems less of him “returns” each time; so this isn’t something that may be a permanent solution. But the emotion comes when Arya asks if they can heal a headless man (referring to her father). You see and feel her pain and her missing him here. And when Dondarrion claims to not wish [the horrible aspects of his life] upon someone so good as Ned Stark, Arya says she would… cause obviously he then would be alive.


Another scene is Jamie and Brienne get to know each other even more as they finally get a break from the traveling when they reach Roose Balton (who will deliver the Kingslayer to Rob). During a hot-tub scene, Jamie finally tells the full, gruesome and horrible tale of what happened when he killed King Aerys. You need to see this scene for yourself, cause it really gets me actually liking Jamie – despite what “evil” things he may have done.


Even the scene with Davos in prison, being the only friend to Stannis disease ridden daughter Shireen is touching. You see Shireen has “Greyscale” a horrifying and disfiguring disease in the world of Game of Thrones.

Maybe its just me, but these scenes just seemed very heartfelt and compassionate to me… which says a lot about the characters and show.

Anyway, that was my two cents. Now to the rest of the show. Danny continues her travels West, and you get to see the trust, and respect, her soldiers are putting into her. An army like this will be invincible!

Rickard Karstark, still angry from the death of his children and the “escape” of Jamie, kills the next closest “Lannister” he can get a hold of, the two young nephews. This not only makes King Robb loose leverage against the Lannisters, but basically just disobeys his King’s direct orders. Despite everyone thinking it a bad idea, he executes Rickard, and in turn looses that entire part of the army (which consisted almost half of it). With no options of winning, Robb realizes exactly what he needs to do next… Not attack Joff in Kings Landing, but attacking the Lannister home, Lannisport, while it has been left unprotected. Of course, to do so, he’ll need more army again, and there is only one person who has such troops; The Frey’s… the very family he had promised to marry a daughter of, but obviously didnt follow through. Now to see what Robb can offer and negotiate to put the past behind them and get the army he needs to hit the Lannisters where it hurst.

Title of the episode refers to Ygritte, who has red hair and how they says redheads are kissed by fire. Because in this episode, Ygritte finally fully reveals her feelings for Jon Snow, takes him to a secret cave, and sexual things proceed!!!

GoTs3.5-Kissed by fire

After Tyrion parctically “begs” Lady Olenna for them (Tyrell’s) to help with the wedding costs, in which she agrees to do so. He then meets with his father, who has devised a plan to keep Sansa from marrying Loras (as mentioned in previous episode)… Tyrion is to marry her (hence securing the possible North), and Cercie (much to her opposition) is to mary Loras (hence securing the Tyrells)… here we see how hard Tywin really is and how everyone is just a pawn to him – even his own kids.

Thats about it for the week. Here is a trailer for next weeks episode. Stay tuned for more epic story to unfold (to what will be the most shocking finale any show has ever done).