Hey all,

What did you think of this weeks Game of Thrones? Though a little on the slower side, I still think it was great. The characters are so intriguing and the story so good, I just love to watch it unfold.

So, as always, a warning… SPOILERS! Still reading? Ok, let’s proceed.

Sam is still with Gilly, camping out. Funny how a girl puts Sam in a good mood, despite the circumstances. Bran continues his travel north, towards the wall. And we also see that this dream/vision power that he shares with Jojen, comes with a cost, as Jojen has a seizure right after having one of his dreams. His sister points out how they keep getting worse, and Jojen mentions how he saw Jon Snow, but on the wrong side of the wall, and with the wrong army.


Jon Snow is actually climbing the Wall, and it’s pretty crazy. Some of the group plummet to their death, and even he and Ygritte barely make the climb themselves. We also find out that Ygritte doesn’t believe that Jon has “given up” his oaths with the Nights Watch; but she doesn’t care – as long as her and Jon can be together. They finally make it to the top, and the view is astonishing.


Arya, still with the Brotherhood, comes across Melisandre – who has travelled there to see them. She obviously knows Thoros, as another priest of the Lord of Light – and she’s here for the thing she told Stannis about… someone who shares the same blood. In this case, it’s Gendry (being a bastard of Robert, hence the same blood). Arya looses another friend as Melisandre takes him away, but not before she tells Arya a foretelling – one that implies Arya will kill people, and that they will meet again.

GoT3.6-Lord of Light

Theon is still being tortured by his captor, who is one sick f***. After a guessing game, Theon thinks he’s related to the Karstarks, but it turns out he was lying, and we still don’t know who it is… (well, if you’ve read the books then you do, though I always felt he was a little older from the books). Theon begs for mercy – by requesting his pinky to be cut off… because what is happening is he is getting the skin ripped off of it instead. Ouch! His captor tells Theon “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.” Somehow, having read up to book 5, that line might qualify for the entire story.


Roose Balton, who until now seemed to be on King Robb’s side, agrees to have Jaime escorted to King’s Landing, back to his father. Oh snap! There goes any chance of Robb getting the Kingslayer back into his hands. But this freedom does not mean Brienne’s too… she will remain their captive.

Tywin meets with Olenna, and what a well scripted conversation this is. Smart minds at their best. After a few “negotiations” Tywin wins and Olenna agrees to have Loras marry Cercei. Tyrion reveals the news to Sansa that she needs to marry him, which sends her crying. Later Cercei and Tyrion are sharing their miseries (both having to marry people they don’t want to), and in this mutual understanding, it is revealed that Joff was the one who had Tyrion targeted for assassination, not Cercei.


Speaking of Joff, turns out Littlefinger finds out his Ros has been “talking” to Varys. Well, did you think someone like him wouldn’t have found out? Punishment? He gives her to Joffrey, to do what he wants with her. And to Joff, target practice with his crossbow it is… Ros hangs dead, peirced by half a dozen arrows.


Finally, Robb meets with the Frey “ambassadors”. They want two things… Harenhall (after the war is over), and Edmure Tully (Robb’s uncle), to marry one of the Frey daughters (basically to make up for the one Robb never followed through with). Robb and Edmure agree to the terms, so long as the marriage happens before the war continuers – as Walder Frey is getting old. Now to get the marriage out of the way, and get that army marching to Lannisport!

4 more episodes to go… can’t wait for next week! See you all then.