Hey all,

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Seems like everything is falling into place – for all the evil and corrupt characters.  Not a good sign.

As always… SPOILERS.  Do not read if you’re planning on watching.


Jon Snow and the Wildlings have crossed the Wall.  They march south and we get some more Jon/Ygritte romance, along with Wildling jealousy.  Jon reveals his doubts that the Wildlings have a chance against the men of the Nights Watch and the Seven Kingdoms.  They do not have discipline nor strategy – and their numbers will useless (or so he believes).

Robb is almost at the Frey’s for the wedding, but the weather is delaying him.  During this breather though, we get to see how in love he is with his wife.  I have to admit, They’ve made Robb more of a character in the show (he’s not in the spotlight as much in the books), and I really like him.  He seems like a good man to take over the “good” character his father Ned was.

Jojen Reed tells Bran that, with Jon not at the Wall, there is no point to go there.  But the crow from his dreams is important to Bran’s future, and that is where they must go next.  Unfortunately, this is beyond the Wall – something Osha is not very happy about (considering her past experience with the White Walkers, which she reveals to them).  Will she able to persuade Bran to avoid the dangers from beyond the Wall?

The brotherhood decides to raid a Lannister camp before going off to give Arya back – but the delay is just one more thing that gets to Arya; and she’s been fed up.  She runs off… only to be captured by Clegane (the Hound).  Seems he’s been hanging around the area for the past couple days.  Could this be the end of Arya?

Tyrion is stuck between a rock and a hard place; forced to marry a girl he doesn’t love (and that obviously will hate him), while the woman he does love, Shay, is now pissed and shunning him for it.


Theon continues to get tortured by what has come to be a sick and demented captor – still a mystery on who he is.  And I have to admit – as much of a scumbag Theon was, this guy seems to be 1000 times worse.  After sending in women to tease and arouse Theon, he comes in himself and… let’s just say he collects Theon’s “family jewels”.


Tywin finally speaks man to man with King Joffrey; or shall I say man to boy.  The dialogue around Tywin is always outstanding, and despite him being the “bad guy” he has become one of my favorite characters.  Without a single insult (at least not one Joff’s child mind would get), he places the boy in his place and looses non of his superiority or dignity while doing it.

Jaime is taken south while Brienne is left to perish at Harrenhal.  It seems that Jaime has grown some sort of respect and admiration for Brienne, and refuses to let her meet this type of end.  He convinces his “escort” to take him back; just in time to find her in a gladiator like pit fight against a bear – only they’ve given her a wooden sword.  Jaime jumps in to hold off the bear until his escort, sworn to bring  him to King’s landing, help him and Brienne out.  Seems like Jaime is becoming more intriguing per episode.


Dany stole the scene and the episode (again) along with her dragons.  She finally reached the next city in line, Yunkai, and refuses to keep marching until she saves all the slaves (over 200 thousand).  A representative/slaver comes out to meet her and bargain – only to see that Dany is not interested in “barganing”.  Free the slaves or die is her statement.  She is done playing games, and will not put up with anything.  And let me say, he dragon’s looked amazing.  They’re growing, they’ve done a great job with the effects, and they are exactly as she needs them to be… intimidating and frieghtenning.  The slaver can hardly keep himself from running for his life.


So… will Yunkai surrender, or does this mean war?  Will Robb finally get his army, and will his plan to attack Lannisport work?  Will Theon survive all this torture, and who his sick and twisted captor.  What will happen of Arya?

Only 3 episodes left… stay tuned next week as the story continues.