Hello Game of Thrones fans!

How great was the last episode?  Things are starting to build up, and with only 2 episodes left, anything can happen.

So this is where we are at now…

Arya has been captured by Clegane.  She is warned, any opportunity to try and kill him, better succeed the first time, or else she’s done for.  But she’s also told that Clegane wants the same thing the brotherhood did… to sell her off to her family during the Wedding at the Frey’s.  So… it seems Arya may have found hope to see her brother and mother once again.


Sam continues to travel south with Gilly.  Here we get a pretty creepy scene that did not exist in the book.  As they make camp at an abandoned, half destroyed hut, the sound of crows starts building, more and more until it’s overwhelming.  Sam steps out, and the trees are covered in them… hundred of crows.  It’s enough to make my hair stand on end, I have to say.  And then, even creepier – the sounds stop.  Something is wrong.  A white walker comes out of the forest.  After a failed attempt to strike him with a sword, Sam uses the only other thing he had… the Dragonglass dagger.  And suddenly, we realize what these weapons (coincidentally found buried/hidden by the Fist of the First Men)… the White Walker falls to a single blow, freezing and shattering.  This scene happens a little earlier in the book – while Sam was still with the others, before Krasters.  They began to call him “Slayer”.  But I don’t mind that they pushed it off.  It keeps his story going, and more eventful as he travels south with Gilly.


Tyrion’s wedding with Sansa takes place.  He hates this as much as she does.  Tyrion get wasted during the wedding, and when Joffrey starts being an ass, Tyrion threatens him (in defense of Sansa to top it off).  Joffrey gets angry, and you think all hell is about to break loose, but fortunately Tywin steps in, convincing Joff to forgive his “drunk” uncle and let the day end.  And so it did.  Tyrion refuses to sleep with Sansa, unless she ever willed it, though he knows that would never happen.  With no blood on the sheets, Shae smiles to see that her man actually does love her and had not slept with Sansa.  Cleverly, she grabs the sheets to pretend to wash them – ridding of any evidence that it “didn’t” happen.


Melisandre prepares to sacrifice Gendry, but Stannis (after speaking to Davos, whom we see he still trusts and respects his opinion) convinces her to handle the matter differently.  Using 3 leaches, who drink Gendry’s “king” blood, Melisandre and Stannis sacrifice each one to the Lord of Light, praying for the fall of the 3 usurpers; Robb Stark, Balon Greyjoy (Theon’s father) and Joffrey Baratheon.

Daenerys meets with the 3 leaders of the mercenary army defending the city walls, known as the Second Sons.  Two of them are brutal, rude, disrespectful, and care not for her.  They refuse her offer to hire them, and later plan to have her assassinated.  The 3rd, Daario Naharis, is taken aback from Daenerys’ courage and beauty.  He not only refuses to be part of any assassination, but actually kills the other two, and presents their heads to Daenerys as a token of his devotion to her.  She then has him swear himself to her.  Her army grows even more.

got3.8-second sons

On that note, Daario looks much different in the book.  He has his hair dyed blue, and a beard that’s split into 3 braids.  Check out the pic below… what do you think?  Personally, I kind of like the less flamboyant casting they did in the show… it makes him seem more… “real”.


That’s it for now.  Only two episodes left, and unfortunately, we don’t get one next week… Memorial Day weekend gives Game of Thrones a break until it comes back on the June second.  Check back in next week though, as we’ll post some news, pics, and whatever else we can find to hold us off till the show returns…