Another episode of Game of Thrones went by, and once again, HBO shows why they have the best shows.  This week, though slower than the previous episodes, had some interesting scenes, along with a couple changes from the book, and more importantly a revelation that hasn’t even occurred in the books yet.

As always, SPOILERS!

Lets start off with Dany.  We actually start of with Gray Worm learning to speak the common tongue (English) from Missandei, and find out more about the unfortunate lives they had as slaves.  The scene continues with Dany sending him, and other Unsullied on a mission: to sneak into Meereen.  The find the slaves within, and present them with weapons, and a speech on how they need to fight for their own freedom.

Skip forward and we see Dany walk amongst her freed people, loved and cheered upon.  But justice was silver served, and she mercilessly stakes/crucifies 163 of the “masters” (same number of slaves that where staked while she travelled there).


Jaime continues to train his left arm with Bronn, and he sees through him how much Tyrion loves and trusts him. So he finally visits his brother, and we have another great scene.  This is where the show excels, and shows how great the dialogue and acting can be.  Later, when he meets up with his sister, she now has commanded him to find Sansa.  In turn, he gives his Valerian steel sword to Brieene, and sends her off to find and protect Sansa.  The sword is names Oathkeeper, and we get another amazing scene between these two characters.  Brienne heads out of Kings Landing to find the Stark girl; and with her, a squire… Pod.


Sansa is still on ship with Littlefinger, who explains how he made a deal with “another family” (i.e., the Tyrells), and that he will be marrying Kat’s sister, Lysa at the Vale.  At the same time, LAdy Olenna pretty much reveals she’s the one who was part of Joff’s death.  But she explains how one needs to do what needs to be done; hinting that Margaery needs to make herself important to the next kin in line for the Kindome, Tommen (before Cersei gets rid of her).  Later, she pays him a visit at night, to ignite a friendship with the boy.


Jon is finally allowed to go and take out the ones who killed lord Mormont and took over Crasters keep (mostly to get him away of castle black so he’s not even considered for the next Lord of the Nights Watch.  That’s right, we start seeing Jon is liked amongst the soldiers, and when the current lord of the wall dies, the next is “voted” in.  And when he asks for volunteers to go with him?  More than a good amount show they are happy to follow him.  Meanwhile, Sam’s freaking out about leaving Gilley at the neighboring town.  Another change here (though small, as they’re only connecting two different characters from the book), Locke, Lord Balton’s guy who chopped off Jaime’s hand, has somehow ended up at the Wall.  He says he got arrested, but it’s clearly a lie.  What could he be up to?

We also see that Karl (one of the ex-nights watchmen), and the leader of the turn tails who are now staying at Crasters, is causing his own trouble.  In a twist of events (which do not happen in the book) Bran and his group gets caught by them, and they find out who it is.  Also, Ghost is there captured, as did Summer with Bran.  Will Jon make it in time to save him?  They never meet in the book… will they here?  The story could continue like the book even if they did… but it all depends on what changes they continue to make here.  What’s important here though, is the biggest scene “readers” of the books are about to see.


We always wondered what Craster use to do to the male boys that were born.  He would leave them for the White Walkers, but nobody knew what happened after that.  So, when a boy is born by one of the daughters, and they tell Karl of what use to be done… he does it.  This scene never happens in the book.  I’m sure this is how George Martin has the story (he is part of the creation of this one obviously), but he just has not gotten to this scene in the books (at least not yet).  Since the show has a different pace, it seems it was time for it to happen here… because what happens next is new.

One of the Walker Generals comes and gets the baby.  He goes off, and what may be a long while later, he gets to this “sacred” looking place, with an ice stone as an alter.  He leave the baby there and a moment later… some Demon lord comes forth and picks up the baby.  Blue skin with the icy blue eyes they all have, only no dead skin.  Its just demonic… and he has horns coming out of his head.  He touches the baby and its eyes also go blue.  Did he just “turn” it?  Will it grow to be a demon like him, or one of the white walkers.  In the book, there seems to be a distinction between White Walkers and “the Others”.  Or the Others the generals?  and the White walkers the undead army?

ice king

Who knows, but I’m loving the revelations… its brings about all these questions, and theories and “new” events.  For the most part, its the only thing that lacks (being that I’ve read the books).  And its great to see the show catch up slowly (and by the end or season 5, possibly surpass) the books.  I for one would love to see that happen… as it never has before.

Next week is gonna be a great one… i’m pretty sure I know some of the events and I can tell you… some big stuff happens.  Till then,