And past us goes another amazing episode of Game of Thrones.  This season is going by way to fast, with the finale only 3 episodes away.  As we saw from this latest episode, things are heating up.

As always… SPOILERS!

Tyrion’s speech in the last episode put him in a position where he can be spared for the Wall.  Now, someone needs to second him for a dual, or he’ll end up fighting himself (which obviously is no good).  We start off with him talking to his brother Jaime.  Jaime is upset that his brother is in this predicament now… basically his death sentence.  Tyrion admits any other choice (i.e., the wall for him, and Jaime going back to Casterly Rock) would be a victory for his father, Tywin; and he just wanted to keep him from having that.


Jaime obviously cannot fight for him.  His missing hand has taken away most of his skill.  And as much as they would both love the look on their fathers face if he could defend his brother, it’s just not a wise choice.  Worst of all, Cersei has already named a champion for their end.  Sir Gregor Clegane… the Mountain himself.  Deadly, strong, fast (for his size), and basically, massive.  One of the most dangerous men alive.  I think they changed the actor for this guy, but I guess it doesn’t really matter.  He’s not in that many scenes, and so long as he’s twice the size as everyone else, you’ll know who the mountain is.

Arya and Clegane make it to a savaged farm, to find a dying man.  We see how Arya has become accustomed to all this death, and her understanding of life and death and how things are.  Clegane mercy kills him (which was actually an act of kindness here), but then they get ambushed by… the two people who were caged up with Jaqen H’ghar.  “Biter” the one who had filed his teeth down to points, attacks from behind and takes a pretty nasty bite out of Clegane’s shoulder/neck.   The Hound snaps his neck, and they see the other guy.  Arya recognizes him and we have a great scene here.  Clegane asks if he’s on her list, but she doesn’t know his name to be on it.  Clegane asks for his name.  As soon as he says it, Arya thanks him and stabs him in the heart.  BAM!  What a scene.  I love these two characters together.


Later on, we have an even more emotional scene where Arya tries to help Clegane with the wound… it’s pretty nasty and bad, and will get infected so she suggests burning it.  Clegane obviously refuses, and explains the story of how his brother burnt him.  We see that he’s as much sad, as he is bitter about it.  She just washes is out as best as possible and stitches it, hoping it won’t get infected.

Jon Snow returns with the rest of the brothers from up north, revealing that they saw the massive Wildling army descending from the south.  But despite his suggestions to cave in the tunnel and fortify themselves even better, Sir Allister (the temporary leader) has everyone scared, and nobody agrees with Snow.  This will not be good if the Wildling makes it down.

Back south, when Bronn visits Tyrion, we see that Cercei has already paid him off.  And unfortunately, Tyrion does not have the money to buy him back.  But it’s more than that… The Mountain is dangerous.  Bronn finally has lordships, money and has been promised to a wife.  His chances against the Mountain, as good as he is, are slim.  Tyrion of course understands.  They are indeed friends above everything, and Tyrion understands Bronn not wanting to do this.  And so, they say their final goodbyes, which is kind of sad actually.  So… Tyrion is left with one choice… to fight the Mountain himself.

Meanwhile, Daario sneaks into Dany’s apartments to bring her flowers and flirtations.  Dany sleeps with him (though she still manages to be a queen about it), and then sends him off with his Second Sons to retake Yunkai and execute all the masters (who took over again after Dany left) once and for all.  But when Dany speaks to Jorah, he explains how that to go in and just kill everyone is no better.  He himself would not be there for her, if Ned Stark had killed him they way she wants to kill them now.  She realizes the conundrum, and makes an amendment.  She will send one of the masters sons from here (the one from the previous episode that begged to have his fathers body buried) and he will give them a warning and a choice.  They could step down and obey her ruling, or they can die.  She sends Jorah to tell Daario of this change, and makes sure she gives him the credit, by admitting that he changed her mind.  In a way, this also shows that she holds Jorah more important (obviously) than Daario.


A cut to Mellisandre and we see that for one reason or another, Stannis’ child is important, and will need to be with them when they sail off.  I guess we’ll see where that goes.  Brienne and Pod keep traveling, and while stopped at a tavern, they run into Pie, and after realizing he can trust them, reveals how the brotherhood was taking her to towards Riverrun (as that was what was going on when Pie last saw them).  But Brienne knows that everyone is now dead, and Pod knowing that Lysa in the Vale is her aunt (and that she hates the Lannisters) suggests Arya is being taken there.  Which also means that would be a good choice for where Sansa could be going too (which obviously is).  So, they turn west.

We come back to Tyrion again for one of the greatest scenes yet.  Oberyn pays him a visit, and speaks of how he knows how Cersei tried to manipulate everyone to have him killed.  He then proceeds with recalling a story when he visited Casterly Rock as a kid… Tyrion had just been born.  Everyone considered Tyrion a monster.  Cersei at some point takes him to see the baby.  Oberyn saw her true dark heart, as she just pinched his penis off, trying to pull it off, only stopping when Jaime made her.  She admits that she hoped he would die soon.  It’s hurtful to see how Tyrion had been hated by his sister even so young.  But Oberyn never saw him as a monster, not even then.  Sure, stunted, but not a monster.

But Oberyn wants justice.  Revenge for the death of his sister and her children.  And, last we heard, it was the Mountain who did that.  Under the Lannisters of course, but the Mountain is a good place to start.  Oberyn will champion Tyrion in the fight, and have his chance for revenge.

We finish the episode off with Sansa.  She’s missing home, and when Robyn is being a spoiled little brat, she slaps him.  When he runs off, Litlefinger comes in to defend her actions, and we see that in her he sees her mothers beauty.  He admits at killing Joffrey because he had Cat killed.  At this point he kisses her, but Lysa sees them in the background.  When Lysa later calls Sansa into the Moonroom, she reveals that she saw them and tries to throw her out the moon-door.  As they struggle, Petyr comes in splits them up.  But it seems his love for the Starks, and now Sansa, is more important than anything, and he will not stand with Lysa’s craziness.  He shoves her off!


Another one bites the dust, and as this season is slowly coming to a close, there will be more.  The last 3 episodes will be intense!  See you all next week.