Here we are, finally having reached the day where we get to watch another season of Game of Thrones.  As always HBO brings it with the great writing and production of this premier episode for season 5, and though a little slower, the episodes title explains everything perfectly… “The Wars to Come”.

For those of you not in the know (check out my previous post if you would like), this season will officially catch up to the books (books 4 and 5 in this instance, as they pretty much take place at the same time).  In previous season recaps, I always pointed out the differences between show and book, just for knowledge’s sake.  Unfortunately, its been a while since I read the last two, and I have only read those once, so other than some major events, I’ll probably miss some differences.  Maybe you all can help out 🙂

So, as always, SPOILERS AHEAD!

We start with a flashback (though since we started with it, I don’t think it’s technically called that), of Cersei and a friend as they visit some witch in the woods  Cersei is curious, and wants to show she doesn’t fear anything, but the witch gives her a foretelling of the future that seems to be coming to fruition in the current time.  The witch says she sees her as a queen, and 3 kids she’ll have, but all of them will die and a younger more beautiful queen will take her place.  Cut to current time and the burial/mourning of Tywin Lannister is in place.  She’s moody and pissed off at her brother, Jaime, for freeing Tyrion (cause she knows he did), because in a way that killed their father, which makes it Jaime’s fault.


Tyrion makes it across the see (to Pentos I believe).  Here we finally see Varys’ true colors, as he admits he’s always tried to bring Dani back to her rightful place.  And he believe Tyrion has what it takes to be an important part of this mission.  So the plan… travel all the way to Myreen to find her.


Meanwhile, in Myreen, Dani is still trying to learn how to rule.  She topples the great statues that represented the slave city, in an attempt to restart things fresh for everyone.  But people are stuck in their ways, and their main concern now is possibly opening up the gladiator pits.  This is something she’ll need to consider.

Now free, her Unsullied have started having emotions and feelings, even going to brothels for companionship (and just that as, we all remember, they got no gear down there).  But we’re also seeing them being assassinated by a group calling themselves the Sons of the Harpy (basically trying to liberate the city from Dani herself).  Dani goes to see her two dragons (Drogon is still gone), to see if she can remind everyone that she’s the mother of dragons, but they now have lost their fondness for their mother and yell and scream at her.  It’s interesting to notice that don’t attacker her, or breather fire at her… they just snap and yell and cry.  She’s hurt and terrified and runs out.  Basically, Dani is trying to rule but finds herself at a standstill and everything is falling apart.


Littlefinger is with Sansa playing the official “game” of thrones, as they drop off little breast suckling pip squeak of a child, Robin,  and get him out of the picture for now.  Brienne seems lost now that she lost Arya, even though Sansa literally just passes by her in carriage off away on some road… we’ll see which way she decides to go.

Jon Snow is at the Wall as they continue doing what they always do.  Train and prepare and be ready.  A few lines here and there give us the impression that Jon Snow is not the most favored person right now… him taking Ygritte to the north to bury her (cause that’s where she belonged) sin’t taken very well by many of the brothers of the Nights Watch, as they think Snow has connected with them too much.  Stannis tries to work it so he can use Wildlings in his army to attack Lord Bulton (who has currently taken over Winterfell with his psycho son Ramsey), but he will only allow Wildlings over the wall if Mance bows the knee.  As much as Snow tries to convince him, it isn’t happening – despite knowing that his execution is being burned alive.  The final scene of the show is the actual execution, and let me tell you, it’s intense.  Seeing Mance trying not to yell out in pain, though visibly terrified, was sanding.  Fortunately, even if this was under King Stannis’ command and even though Mance is a Wildling, he isn’t going to let him suffer.  He does him a solid and shoots him in the heart with an arrow, ending his pain.  Great scene, but this won’t bode well with the Wall, sinking him deeper in the hole he’s already in.


No Arya this week, as well as some other characters, but I’m sure we’ll have plenty of the next time.  See you then!