Another episode in and the show continues to be great.  While nothing “crazy” is happening per say, the story is still amazing and it’s just great to watch.  Some things have taken their own turn from how the books are, so lets recap how things are progressing.  As always, spoilers to ensue.

Arya is in the House of Black and White, waiting to be trained.  But Jaqen has her doing errands like cleaning and the such.  The whole experience is getting her agitated and impatient.  But the main problem is, being one of the faceless people means giving up all identities, which include “Arya Stark”.  So she gets rid of all the things that she owned, ready to start cleaning… except for Needle.  In a very sad moment, this is a connection to her family, especially her loved brother (Jon) that she is not willing to throw away; so she hides under some rocks by the water.

Cersei and Margeary are basically playing the game of thrones as they use their wits, innuendoes, and conversations their play-pieces.  Margeary finally marries Tommen, and during the wedding night, tries to subtly hint that his mother will always be controlling to him.  This leads him to “suggesting” to his mom that she should go back to Casterly Rock… but Cersei is too clever and knows whats going on.  A great speech between her and Margaery takes place, in which the new queen is full of witty insults (quite pleasing in my opinion), but Cersie takes advantage of the religious war going on in the city (between the Church and a cult believe themselves as the true good-doers). Next thing you know the High Septon  is sent to the dungeons and the High Sparrow is promoted, under the subtle control or Cersei from what it looks like.


Littlefinger turns out that he taking Sansa to Winterfell for marriage… her marriage… to the new rulers of Winterfell, the Bolton’s.  That’s right, Littlefinger is taking her to marry crazy loony Ramsey.  And while she freaks out a little about it, he makes a good point of explaining she needs to stop running and play the game… it is the only way she will eventually put herself in a position that she might be able to avenge her family.  And we finally see Sansa grow up and realize its time for her to take control.  Though she doesn’t like it, she agrees to do it.  Giving the benefit of the doubt, Ramsey is indeed a gentlemen to her (though his mistress is seen in the background none too happy about this whole thing).  In the books, Sansa never leaves the Eyrie and Littlefinger sends an Arya lookalike for this marriage.  We haven’t seen where that story has gone yet, so who know how different it ends up with this change.  I guess we’ll see.


Outside of Winterfell, Brienne has followed the two there, and camp out with Pod until further notice.  We hear a touching story of Brienne’s past, and she finally shows a softer side to pod and decides to start officially training him.

Farther north, Jon is now officially Lord Commander.  When he starts giving out orders, and putting certain “problematic” characters to certain roles, such as making Thorne first ranger (which surprises him), Janos Slynt gets sent to one of the abandoned castles of the wall to “man” it.  Slynt refuses, and insults Jon to no end.  Which technically makes him a traitor, and leaves Jon only one choice.  Execution.  As Jon is about to swing his sword, Janos begs and pleads, and for a moment, you think Jon will not do it, but BAM… that scene even made me cringe a little.  Foot has been put down!  In the background, Stannis watches the whole thing and nods approval to Jon.  He is one to know what it means to be a leader/king, and to follow “rules”.  And he also seems to respect Jon and knows that this was needed in order for Jon to establish a better hold for his position and for the other brothers to take him seriously.


An the other side of the world, Tyrion is getting super sick of being stuck in a carriage all those days, so he needs out.  Varys, unable to stop him, accompanies him to the one place Tyrion would really want to go to… a brothel.  But when Tyrion steps out to piss, he runs into someone unexpected… Jorah.  Even worse, Jorah knows who he is and kidnaps him, explaining “I’m taking you to the Queen”!  Is he referring to  Cercei, who has a price on his head?  Is this his way of being accepted back into Westoros?


Thats it for this week.  Catch the next episode this Sunday on HBO and the tune in with us next Wed for the recap.