So, what did everyone think of this 4th episode of Game of Thrones?  I know a couple people felt things have been slow, and maybe too many things going on. So, as a reader from the book, I have to agree on this. But I have to give credit to HBO, because let me tell you… George Martin spends a lot more time on these characters, and has WAY more storylines in books 4 and 5, making them drag out way more than just a few episodes worth. When HBO claimed they will be catching up to the books this season, all I could think of is how awesome that is because they’re cutting out all the nonsensical mumbo jumbo. Don’t get me wrong, the books are great, and Martin is a great writer… they’re always a pleasure to read, and books have more ability to focus on the world itself (and all the little stories that make it up), while a show needs to focus more on its characters. That being said, for someone who spends 6 years to write each book, it does feel like he’s dragging certain parts out. But thankfully, we have HBO to present a perfect television version of things.

Now trust me, things are about to heat up… everything that’s going in is basically setting the story for whatever big is gonna happen, and just knowing the end of book 5, there are plenty of shocking moments and revelations (not to mention all the parts of the story that may pass the books, making things even crazier).

For one, as mentioned before, Sansa never left the Eyrie. She’s still there in the books. For 2 whole books (4 and 5)… she’s still there doing nothing. So this change is already spicing things up, as I have no idea how things are to continue. In this episode, we see Littlefinger is about to leave her, with Cersei calling him back to Kings Landing. But Sansa has learned much, and after a good talking over, it looks like she might be able to pull through alone. I guess we’ll see. Her talk took place in the tomb btw, right in front of Lyanna’s statue. I wont go into it much, but a pause in Littlefingers voice when discussing her ultimate death (and her connection with Ned Stark), is a hint to someone else’s bloodline in the story. Can it be true? (shoot a message below if you want to discuss this beyond the obvious episode spoilers mentioned below).


And how convenient that we also hear a story concerning Dani’s brother Rhaegar, from Barriston. Turns out Rhaegar was basically the best prince there could have been, and would have been the perfect King… alas, his ultimate death when he was with Lyanna, which they said he “kidnapped” her, but we’re starting to see the story isn’t as clear as black and white.

Tyrion finds himself on a boat, captive of Jorah, heading towards the queen. In which, Jorah reveals, he means Dani. Tyrion laughs, as that was the way he was heading as well. No sign of Varys right now, so things are looking like they did back in the book (Varys was not with him), and Tyrion ended up with Jorah, though in a little different situation… won’t go into that now though, as it might still come into play. Good to know a huge part of Tyrion’s travelling was cut out (though I kind of liked the character they cut out), but like I mentioned… some things need to be streamlined for TV (plus, who knows if they bring him in later).

GoT5.4 Tyrion

Back and forth between the lands, I’ll jump to the wall and go over how Mellisandre tries to seduce Jon… almost being too tempting. But Jon is strong (and she was not happy about that… another hint towards something else I believe…). Meanwhile Stannis shows us how his noble character is actually very respectable and makes him an even cooler character, as he defends and shows his love for his daughter (go #teamStannis). Personally, I think Stannis would make a good king, being the rightful one anyway… at least when it comes to the Barratheon lineage. Targeryans wanting their throne back is a whole other story.

Speaking of Cersei, she continues playing her games as she gives military power to the High Sparrow and his men, and we basically have religious warriors running around the city giving off their personal judgment, with no interference by the city’s law (as religion comes first). This leads to Margery’s brother, Ser Loras, being imprisoned (for him being gay) and Tommen getting involved trying to have him freed (but fails). Meanwhile, she’s sent her dad off to Bravos to negotiate terms on all the money they owe (which conveniently takes him away from his daughter).  It’s a clusterf*ck of a situation for all and things are only bound to get worse.


Meanwhile, Bronn and Jaime arrive on the beaches of Dorne, and encounter their first guards, and after a scuffle, take them out (and Jaime realizes he can use his metal hand as a shield).

Jumping all the way to the south, the Sand Snakes (Red Vipers daughters) and Ellaria finally meet up and we get to see in person how deadly these girls might be. And vengeful, as they all agree that despite what the Prince of Dorne wants, they will exact revenge and start a war… and they will do this with assassinating Marcella, before Jaime and Bronn get to them (which they know about).

GoT5.4-sand snakes

But the big scene of the episode, in which starts picking up the story, is when the Sons of the Harpy do a full on attack against all the Unsullied in the streets, taking them all out.  And I mean, all of them.  And that includes Grey Worm.  As he’s showing how bad-ass he is, he gets surrounded by way too many Sons of the Harpy.  Barristan happens to be around and runs to assist, and oh how amazing that is.  We now now why he was considered one of the greatest swordsman.  Alas though, not even Grey Worm and Barristan can hold them off, and while they take them all out, the fall doing so.  Barristan is definitely dead, stabbed in the heart.  Grey Worm looks dead too, laying there, pool of blood underneath him, but we who knows if he’s actually dead too.

GoT5.4 Harpy

This was another great difference from the book… I don’t want to get into it too much, as some things might still happen, but Barristan did not die in the books.  Not yet at least.  This is totally something that I can see happening in the next book though, so who knows if this is just the show moving ahead, or if it’s another change.

I think things are about to starting getting crazy soon, and with all these differences, the show is feeling really refreshing.  Can’t wait till next week.  See you then!