Seventh episode of Game of Thrones came around and things are starting to pick up.  Certain story seem to be coming around to how the books were while other are continuing on their own track.

Sansa, a story deviating from the book, is dealing with being hit and raped pretty much every night.  She tried to get Theon to help her, but he’s to mind controlled at this point and rats her out to Ramsey.  A lot of people are complaining about what Sansa is going through, saying it’s HBO just going for Shock value, but that’s not true. We all know how Ramsey is, and anything less happening to Sansa would not be true to his character.  In fact, in the books, Littlefinger sense Jeyne Pool, an Arya look-a-like, who basically goes through the almost the same things that Sansa is… so the only thing they have changes is by combining the characters – something HBO has done a couple times in the past, and actually is for the best (imagine having to follow twice as many characters… it just doesn’t work for a show).  Also, Sansa doesn’t do anything in the books.  For two whole books she’s basically just sitting around whining.  It’s boring and annoying.  So HBO is doing an great job spicing things up.  Plus, this is thrilling even for the readers… I honestly worry for her cause I don’t know her story and Martin has a way of… “endangering” main characters.


Another story that’s completely changes is Jaime and Bronn down in Dorne.  The show shows them being held (Jaime in fine accommodations, being who he is), while Bronn down in the cells next to the Sand Snakes.  If you remembered last episode, Bronn was cut, and we all know how the Sand Snake’s father, the Red Viper, loved his poison.  So, one of the daughters starts to flirt and tease with Broon, which apparently gets his blood flowing making the poison spread faster.  She admits to it and then saves his life last minute by tossing him the antidote.  We’ll see where this goes, but clearly Bronn owes them one now.

GoT5.7-Sand Snakes

Jon heads north beyond the wall Tormund, to get the Wildlings to come south.  In the books he never leaves, but so long as he makes it back, the story doesn’t change much with this action.  Unless something happens while he’s out there.  I guess we’ll see.  Meanwhile, Maester Aemon dies of old age and with Jon gone too, Sam is left without any friends.  In the books, Aemon passes away as well, but during a different part.  I won’t mention it yet, as I feel they’re still going to keep that in the story (they just separated the event).  In the meantime though, during this change, Gilly gets attacked by two guys ready to rape her, and Sam steps in to protect her.  He gets is face busted in, but he keeps getting back up… one tough son of a B, if you ask me.  Fortunately, Ghost (thankfully left behind by Jon) steps in to save Sam and Gilly.  The who incident just shows Sam’s love for her, which leads to them having sex, which actually does happen in the books.  So for the most part, this is all fine.


Stannis is traveling south, a few days away from Winterfell, being slowed down by the coming winter storms.  This is pretty much like the books, outside of two things… Mellisandre is with him (in the books she stays behind at the wall), and here, she suggests “sacrificing” Stannis’ daughter to the Red God to insure their history.  Fortunately, Stannis refuses to hear anything about this and sends kicks the red witch out of his room – which fits the books more in which he considers his daughter the rightful heir to the iron throne if he doesn’t make it.


And where the books spends way too many chapters having Jorah and Tyrion being bought and sold and bought and sold to end up to almost the same spot, so way to go HBO  for skipping all that needless crap.  Revelation… in the books, they have not met up with Dani yet, so this was a step forward in the story, and very exciting to see… Tyrion meeting up with Dani is something people have been wishing for for years now (both in the books and in the show).  On difference is that Dani’s story hasn’t progressed the way it did in the books… at least not yet.  I won’t say much on it either, as I don’t want to spoil anything, but some events might still happens and the story can still hold true to how the books might turn out in the end (just re-arranged).  I guess we’ll see.


Leaving the best scene for last, Lady Olenna tries to convince the High Sparrow to let her granddaughter and grandson free, only to see that he will not budge, and no matter how much money or what your position is, you will face the same judgment.  This leads to the eventual confrontation the Sparrow has with Cersei, who until now thought she was playing everyone.  You see, if you remember, Cerceis cousin, Lancel, is one of the Sparrows now, and the High Sparrow reveals that when he cleansed himself of all his past sins, he revealed his sinful relationship with Cersei, as well as revealing all the lies and plots she took part of… more than enough information to imprisson her as well now.  Justice is finally being served.  The books are a little different, with a bunch of court scenes happening as Cersei slowly tries to frame Maergery for “cheating” on the king.  Overall, its getting to around the same place, so this is all good.  Skipping over all those damn trial scenes is  plus.


That’s it for the week.  Concidering a bunch of the story lines slowly placing themselves into positions where the books are as well, I’m pretty sure I know what big moments are coming in the next 3 episodes, so stay tuned, cause things are about to get even more dramatic.