This weeks episode of Game of Thrones was excellent, from the disturbing sacrifices this world has come to make normal, to the epic ending.  The title of the episode, A Dance with Dragons, is the title of the 5th books.  And between this episode and the next (finale), the show is officially caught up (if not a head in a few scenes) with the books, so it was only fitting for them to title it as such.

Lets get the little scenes out of the way.  Arya is doing her research, ready to take out the merchant, when she sees Meryn Trant (having arrived in Bravos as a guard for Lord Tyrell (per Cersei’s request), which, in the show, is on Arya’s list.  And so (even though she says nothing of it to Jaqen later), Arya seems to have a new target (or an additional one), as she spies and collects the information she needs to take this guys down.  At least that was the impression I got.


The good thing about Dorne is that it’s being ruled by a level headed Doral Matrell.  He realizes going to war with Kings Landing (aka the Lannisters) is unwise… not because of maybe loosing, but he’s done with seeing death.  So he cuts a deal with Jamie… Allows him to leave, and escort the princes back to King’s Landing, so long as the prince (his son) goes with t and the arranged marriage continues as planned.  This idea sounds logical and might work out.  If future site, should King’s Landing need to defend someone like Stannis off… well, not they have Dorne backing them up (as well as the Tyrell’s… but I guess we’ll see where that goes, with both the Cersei and Margeary behind bars).

Jon finally makes it back, and after a nervous moment standing in front of the Wall, the gates finally open.  Unfortunately, Jon is getting the evil eye from everyone except Sam.  He may have succeeded in bringing the Wildlings back, but dealing with the Men of the Nights watch now is a whole new thing…


And now to the most disturbing scene (to me) Game of Thrones has ever actually shot.  As a reminder, Shireen and Melisandre stay back at the wall in the books.  That being said, in the show the Red Priestess is with them and telling Stannis the only way to win is to sacrifice kings blood… and not some tiny little leaches this time.  After Ramsey has a successful attack basically destroying all their supplies, Stannis is stock between a rock and a hard place… they’re not strong enough to attack Winterfell, and have no supplies left to retreat.  He sends of Davos to request supplies from the wall, though we can all tell he’s just trying to get rid of him (as he knows Davos will object… with his life… for what was about to happen).  As much as I has started liking Stannis, the show always remind us that he was one to make the tough choices when needed… and in this case, its burning his daughter alive to the gods.


That scene was absolutely horrible.  I was seriously welling up at her screams.  I can’t believe he did that.  F YOU #teamstannis.  Seriously this scene was worse than the red wedding in my eyes.  The screams where horrifying.  That being said, I guess now Stannis has pleased the “one god”, so lets see if he can take Winterfell down and possibly killthe damn Boltons.

And so, we come to the end, where Dani has reopened the pits.  You can tell she is completely unhappy about it, and tries to be emotionless concerning the fight… until she sees Jorah that is.  Despite everything thats been happening, his exile was a decision she needed to make as a queen.  She clearly knows he is devoted to her, as Tyrion also stated. So when his life is on the line, suddenly the fighting pits are even worse.  But Jorah is an excellent fight and when he barely survives, he throws a spear towards Dani.  But not at her… he basically saves her life from one of the Sons of the Harpy who snuck in.  But then you see he wasn’t the only one.  Hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of the crowd in the arena are now wearing masks.  It seems this whole damn city is against here.  They all make an attempt for her life.  As much as her Unsullied try to protect her (and kill her new husband to be in the process), she ends up surrounded in the middle of the pit, with Jorah, Missandei, Tyrion and Daario.  Hunders of Sons close around her.  She grabs Missandei’s hand and closes her eyes… is this the end?  Is she praying?  Is she mentally calling for help?  Because suddenly, help comes.


Drogon sweeps down into the pits and starts wrecking havoc on the Sons.  He takes some spears in the back, and at first I was worried we might loose him, but they don’t seem to stop him much.  And here is where the game changer happens.  you see, Dani has been at a standstill.  She’s too “afraid” to make any hard decisions.  The dragons sensed that fear to some extent, and it’s why they began acting out around her (remember how Drogon flew off last time they saw each other?).  But Dani has had enough. This is her child and it has come to defend her.  She steps out amongst the crown, unafraid of Drogon spitting fire and biting people in half.  She grabs of of the spears and pulls it out of his back.  He turns, and she caresses his snout.  Drogon turns back to continue protecting her.  He will die he trying to protect his mother if need be.  And Dani basically realizes, she just needs to be with her dragon right now… screw this damn city… screw the politics.  As Drogon is defending her, she climbs up on his back, utters the command for flight, and they take off together.  The legends have become real… the first dragon-rider in centuries have returned and the Queen of Mereen has returned to her rightful status of Mother of Dragons.

The books are al title different here, as the Sons never attack.  Drogon comes cause of the scent of blood, and Dani basically has had enough with his insubordination.  She jumps into the pits, grabs a whip, and basically tames him on the spot… or at least shows him who is in charge.  Though a little more timid in the show, I think the scene represents the same thing.  So let us see where all this leads.


Thats it for the week.  Make sure you stay tuned for next weeks finale cause it’s a doozy.  In fact, avoid any social media until you do, cause there will be some big spoilers.  Actually, best watch it live, cause even 10 minutes behind might have your neighbors yell at the television spoil the events.  People have become to comfortable with the characters lives lately, and George Martin needs to remind everyone one these books are all about… no one is safe.