Hello fellow Game of Thrones fans, and welcome to the brand new season of blood, deaths and dragons.  And I’m emphasizing the “Brand New” because after 5 years of greatness on HBO, the show has finally surpassed the books; so NOBODY know’s whats coming. (no thanks to the amazing writer George Martin, who’s been taking way to long to write them)

The show is assumed to continue following the story line, with Martin one of the executives, but considering the minor changes throughout the first 5 seasons (which had an actual blueprint to work off), I’m sure they’ll be even bigger ones now… of course now we’ll need to be waiting for the books to actually find out.

So lets go over what happened and discuss thoughts.  As always, SPOILERS ahead.

We start off exactly where we left off during last season’s finale… Jon laying dead in the Snow.  Davos finds him, along with a handful of crows who were team Snow.  They take him and lock themselves in a room till they figure out what comes next – and fortunately, with them they bring Ghost, who you can hear his heartbreaking howling in the background.

This story is a little different from the books, as Davos is actually off trying to recruit soldiers for Stannis (not knowing that Stannis in the meantime lost his war).  But Davos has always been one of my favorite characters, and I love him in the scenario, so let’s see where this goes.

Sansa and Theon are on the run, and right before the get caught, Brienne comes through and saves the day.  She devotes to Sansa once again, and this time she accepts.  This scene was powerful, cause if you think about it, Brienne has been searching for Sansa since like season 2.  This is also a little different in the books, as Theon is off on his own (long story), Sansa is still at the Eyrie with Littlefinger, and Brienne is somewhere in the middle searching for her.


Arya is suffering in her own blindness, and punished by the other girl from the House.  Looks like she’s in for a painful training exercise, so I hope she can survive it.  The books are a little ahead with the plot here, but nothing crazy, so this part of the story looks on track.


In the east, Tyrion is pacing Meereen trying to figure out what to do, Dani is basically in custody of the Dothraki, and though they will not harm her (as widow to a Kahl), they have their own customs which would keep her “retired” with all the other widows – not a good option. Meanwhile, Jorah and Daario are trailer a little behind her.

To be honest, I’m surprised they didn’t have any scene with one of the Dragons this episode… season premier and all.  Still good though… if anything more anticipating them now.

Dorne has some big events, as the Sand Snakes assassinate the king and his guard.  They were always pretty bad ass, and last season failed to represent that, so I’m glad to see them live up to their name now.  This coo is a pretty big move… don’t forget, Dorne is one of the 7 main Kingdom’s of Westoros, and still unscathed by the war.  Another difference here from the books, with Jaime never having gone down their and Myrcella still alive… I’m wondering if some parts were just skipped/changed, but the story is eventually heading to this takeover anyway (which I can see happening in the books).


Speaking of, Jaime makes it back to Cersei and together they’re hating on the world.  Again, in the books, Jaime is up North trying to represent the Kingdom.

And the big scene of the episode, Melisandre is hiding in her room, depressed and upset that her visions have failed her – questioning her own importance.  She undresses and removes the Red Gem choker she always wore (did I just see it glow?), and when we look at her again, she’s an anciently old hag… what is this?  Is this her true age?  True form?  Has the gem been keeping her alive?  Is she sacrificing her life-force to bring someone back to life?  We have no idea what the hell is happening, and I’m loving it!


Tune in next week to see what happens next.