Another amazing episode for Game of Thrones has come and gone, and while we wait for this Sundays, here is a recap of what happened this past segment. As always, reminder… SPOILERS.

And by that I mean, Snow if finally up and running. He’s having some issues comprehending what happened, as he remembers actually being killed. He also now associates this with failure on his behalf in being the Lord Commander of the Nights Watch. But Davos sets him straight… that’s life. We get back up and keep trying our best. Even if, in this case, we’re getting up from being dead. Jon is greeted by all those who loved him, and they wonder at his miraculous return… amongst them the Wildlings are there. I feel like this is a big sign, but more on that later in the episode.

Speaking of, the question that has been on many of our minds for a while now… Rickon shows up… only unfortunately, as a prisoner gift to Ramsey. NOT GOOD. That might as well be his death sentence. Is there hope for him? With him came the decapitated head of his dire wolf, Shaggy-Dog… not a good omen. Also, damn… did he grow up or what… barely recognizable.


Sam and Gilly are traveling to Oldtown, but that he wants to drop her off at his home with his mother and sister, so she can be safe.

Farther north, Bran continues his flashback visions. Ned is a young man, and along with a friend, have arrived at the Tower of Joy. For all those who don’t know what this is about (clues have been talked about within the seasons), this is where Raegar took Lyanna after “kidnapping” her. The theory is, they eloped (and that someone we know was conceived)… as this story goes on, we will see the truth behind it all. For now we get an amazing battle between Ned and Howland (Meera’s dad), against the two Kingsguard that have been left behind to defend the Tower of Joy. Amongst them, Sir Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning… the greatest sword fighter to ever have lived. And in the battle (extremely well choreographed), we can see how badass he actuall is, taking 4 completely on his own. History and rumors had Ned the victor of that battle, but we see Ned loosing for the most part and that Howland, having gotten up after receiving a blow, stabs Dayne in the back of his neck finishing the fight. It was a dirty blow, but Ned’s sister must be “saved”. As things come to an end, we hear her yell out in pain from the top of the tower and Ned goes running. Bran awakes, disappointed that he was pulled out of the dream yet again. (Did he really get Ned’s attention… or did it just seem that way?)


Dany finally makes it to Vaes Dothrak, to live her days as the widow of Drogo… but the rule is that widows must come straight there. As she did her own thing all this time, they might end up not accepting her and leave her to the wolves. We’ll see where this goes. Where the hell is Drogon!


Varys is being marvelous at making little birds talk, and he’s starting to track down the Sons of the Harpy (though it turns out, they are led by the Slavers of each city previously freed, so basically all of Dany’s work is being flushed down the toilet). Tyrion is spending some R&R time with Missandei and Grey Work, and when Varys comes with his result, it seems there are only two options… either leave the cities be, or go to all out war with them all.

Speaking of little birds, Cerseis main alchemist, Qyburn is taking over all of Varys’ past network of spies, and Cersei can feel her chance of revenge getting closer… she will soon know who means the crown harm, and who even snickered at her trials and tribulations. With Zombie Mountain at her side… I dread anyone who gets in their way.

Kind Tommen meanwhile is trying to confront the High Sparrow to end his trials against his mother, but his seems to alter the boys mood with speeches of gods and right doing.

Arya learns to finally fight even as a blind person, and after some trials and tribulations of her own, the Faceless man returns her sight! Oh Snap! Will she deadlier than ever?

The episode ends back at the wall, Jon brings out Thorne and the rest of the traitors and has them executed (hung) for betrayal (they deserved it!). With that completed, Jon basically “quits”. Which I guess most of us saw coming… he technically died, so he should no longer be bound by the oath… Not sure what this means for Snow, but if he heads south to take Winterfell back, Wildlings will be an impressive army to have on your back.


Till next week…