What an amazing episode we had this week. In all honestly, this was one of my top five GoT episodes ever, and the fact that for once I’m not knowing the story is making everything so much better. It’s a good reminder of how great this show is, and how, if you haven’t seen the episode yet, you should watch it now instead of reading this recap. But if you can’t get to it, or you’re just wanting to remind yourself the events that transpired, then keep reading. Obviously… SPOILERS.

Let’s start with “the feels”. We’re up at the Wall, and Jon is getting ready to leave. Not everyone is happy of him “giving up”, but Jon’s oath’s were to give his life for the Wall, and he has. He does not need to stay anymore. Whether he will be back to assist with what’s to come, we will see, as Jon has obviously a bigger picture to paint and he seems like the right person to lead this war. But as he’s getting ready, the “doorbell” rings, and who is it, other then Brienne bringing Sansa. After all these years, two of the Starks finally reconnect. The scene is powerful and emotional and amazing.


It’s also great because we see a brand new Sansa. After they update each other with everything that was going on, she expects Jon to attack Ramsey and take back Winterfell. Jon is tired of fighting, but Sansa makes him realize, he is the heir to Winterfell now, and more importantly, non of them will ever be safe so long as Ramsey holds that seat. Jon is skeptical, but later on in the episode, when Jon receives a devastating and horrible letter from Ramsey, ordering he return Sansa or he will kill Rickon and do more of his disgusting things, including killing all the wildlings, Jon realizes he must step up. And with him, the Wildlings are ready to fight. Their army might not be as big, but fight they will. And and Sansa points out, all the “True” northerners would back him before they would the Boltons.

Meanwhile, along the east coast, Littlefinger is playing his games he’s so good at, and between the love he’s established with young Lord Robin (still a weirdo if you ask me), and his excellent wordplay, he basically gets the Vale army to back up the decision to march towards Winterfell to save Sansa, who is technically “family”. (I love how we’re seeing armies now building up against Bolton… this is going to be amazing).


Off of the West Coast, Theon makes it to the Iron Islands. At first, his sister thinks he’s back to take the throne, but she soon realizes how broken he really is, and all he wants is for her to have it, and to help in any way he can. For as much as a sh*t he’s been in the past, after what Ramsey has put him through, and finally stepping up to save Sansa, I’m glad he’s finally having a change of luck.

To the south Margaery is locked up and finds herself being played in the religious/political game between the High Sparrow and the Kingdome of Westoros. But unfortunately, her brother has already been broken, and she now must decide to succumb “penance”, or to let her brother suffer more. What is interesting is that Cersie has now found someone she hates more than Margaery, and that is the High Sparrow. And we all know how good she can be at the game of thrones. Meeting with the small counsel (which obviously didn’t have much love for her to begin with), she convinces them to set their differences aside, as they need to focus on saving Margaery. The plan… having a Tyrell Army (which would not require the King himself making an actual decision to go against the priesthood) to just swiftly come into the city, take out the High Sparrow and all his men, and save the queen. By the time the King finds out, Margaery will be safe and sound, and everything will be over (and hopefully the Sparrow will be alive for whatever Cersei would really like to do with him).


Tyrion does what he does best, and finally negotiates with all the masters about letting the slaves exists… for only a little while longer (7 years)… in essence giving them time to phase it out. Now this sounds strategically well planned, as they seem to take to it. But Grey Worm instills some doubt into his thoughts, saying that they will just use him, and still do what they want. Besides that, non of us our sure how Dany would accept this if/when she got back. At first you might think, there is not much she could do… her army is only so big (to handle all 3 cities in slavers bay), but this thought process changes later on when we have developments on that front… which brings us to the epic closing scenes of this episode…


Jorah and Daario track down Dany at Vaes Dothrak.  And while they masterfully sneak in and reach her, she explains that they probably wouldn’t make it out, and besides… she didn’t want to run.  She has a much better plan.  Later that evening the “high council” of the Dothraki meet to decide what to do with her, and bring her in to discuss whether she would be allowed to live out her remaining years there, or to rid themselves of her for some profit.

But Dany will have none of that.  She insults them, and their measly ambitions.  They discuss horses and women and the such, but non of them will ever aim as high as Drogo had, with his original plan to travel over the narrow sea and conquer Westoros.  Non of them have that ambition, but herself.  And it was time she became the Khal of Khal.  As they laugh at her and get ready to harm her in their anger, Dany tosses these large cauldrons of burning coal/wood towards them.  There must have been some oil in them, as flames shoot out where it lands.  They jump to the side as that side of the hut bursts up in flames.  As the Khals run to exit the room, they find the doors locked (now we know what she used Daario and Jorah for).  She tosses two more cauldrons down, bringing the whole structure up in flames.   The Khals run trying to find an exit, unable to do so.  And the entire Khalessar watches all their leaders burn to death, only to be greeted by the mother of dragons, her clothes burnt off, but her self unscathed.  It was time to remind them all, who the Unburnt was.  And with that, everyone falls to their knees for her.


Looks like Dany might have the ultimate army now.  Can’t wait till next week!