Another great Game of Thrones episode this was, and we get yet one more step closer to the finale.  Lets discuss this episode, and the awesome surprise actor who made an appearance.  As always, reminder, spoilers ahead.

Lets start off with the big news… Sandor Clegane is alive.  And it looks like he’s attempting a more peaceful type of life.  He seems to have joined a group of men working under Brother Ray, performed by the ever amazing Ian McShane, as they are putting together some sort of building (what looks to be a Church for the Seven Gods).


Throughout the episode you see the Hound really trying to be a nonviolent person.  He seems to be growing a respect for Ray, who has also had a similar past.  But at the end, a trio of “Brothers Without Arms” come and try and steel any little they have.  Insulted and sent away, they later return and lay waste to all of them, except Clegane, who was off working on something.  Of course, he takes this to heart, grabs the axe and walks off – murder in his eyes.


Down in Kings Landing, Margaery continues what I believe to be plotting and play her own game.  When she gets to see her grandmother, she slips her a note of a rose, showing her true colors.  She also sends Lady Olenna back to High Garden… clearly she needs her family out of here and safe.

Jaime gets to Riverrun and starts showing the Frey’s outside who’s really in charge.  He meets with Blackfish, but to no avail, he won’t give up the castle.


Jon and Tormund get the Wildlings together and ready for war.  Him and Sansa also go visiting the rest of the Norther families, along with Bear Island and young Lady Leanna, who Davos mostly identified with and convince her to help them.


Yara and Theon continue their journey and confirm they are heading to the west to provide the mother of dragons with ships.

Finally Arya is working on getting out of Bravos and back to Westoros , when she is surprised by the Waif, who stabs and cuts her in the stomach.  Arya jumps into one of the canals within the city and swims off,  bleeding all over the place.


That’s pretty much for the week… the show is setting up some more pieces for it’s finale.