Only a few more episode till the finale for Game of Thrones, and we all know that both 9 and 10 are usually big ones, so this episode wraps up some loose ends before the big ones, Arya bring one of them.  As always, spoilers.

Arya, stabbed from the previous episode, stumbles away and gets to the theatre to meet up with that actress she kind of identified with.  Fortunately, she was some proficient with bandaging wounds up, and then gives her some Milk of the Poppy to help with the pain and to sleep.

She later wakes up only to find the Waif killed the actress and attacks her… she barely manages to escape again, and the wound reopens.  The Waif follows her down some alley and into a small enclave, where the only thing that lights the area is a candle.  And out of the two, guess who learned how to fight blind?  With Needle in hand, she finally takes her out.  She then takes the face back to the faceless man, and basically calls him they are even now, she is Arya Stark, and she’s heading back.  He lets her leave with his own version of approval.  This is probably the last we’ll see of Arya this season.  (And I bet next time we do, it will be after taking down someone on her list, and changing her face to reveal she’s Arya.)


The Hound finally catches up to the three soldiers who killed his earlier group, only to find them having already been strung up and ready to be hung by the Brothers Without Banners,  with non other than Thoros or Myr and Dondarrion.  After some bargaining to let him kill at least 2 of them (for his own form of vengeance), he ends up sitting and eating with them. Dondarrion tempts him to join the Brothers and to help make a difference.


South from there, Cersei gets a visit from the Sparrows men, but Mountainstien basically rips one of their heads up with his bare hands.  Later when she gets to the sept, her son Tommen, the King (who is obviously just being used left and right between Margaery and the High Sparrow), screws Cersei’s plan up but declaring that Trial by Combat is no longer allowed.  And poof… there goes Cersei’s plan for freedom.  But then when she asks Qyburn about some sort of secret, he admits good knows – wondering what she means?  The stockpile of Wildfire her brother hid there back in season 2?  What, is she going to burn the entire city down?

Out to the East, Vary’s leaves town for some secret mission.  Later on, Meereen gets attacked by the masters, and Tyrion admits that he was used… their defenses have been lowered thinking they had accepted his “deal”.  But in the middle of the them running around trying to figure out what to do, guess who gets dropped off on the balcony by a dragon.  Dany shows up!  Looks like she might lay the law down now… guess we’ll see in the next couple episodes.


Brienne makes it to Riverrun and meets up with Jaime first to let her know why she’s there.  They have a certain respect for each other and he agrees to let the Blackfish and his army leave free (to go help Sansa), since he can then take Riverrun back.  Of course, the Blackfish doesn’t buck.  Jaime just wants this to end so he can return to Cersei, so he meets up with their now prisoner, Edmure.  After promising his freedom and his return to wife and child, Edmure commands his soldiers to basically let him back in and then give up the castle.  The Blackfish will have none of it though, so he goes down fighting, and such is his end.  Brienne escapes the chaos and heads back without the army she was suppose to get.


That’s it for the week.  Next episode is The Battle of the Bastards, so you know we’re in fall all out war!