Second to last episode of Game of Thrones, and it was a doozy!  Battle of the Bastards was intense, action packed and eventful.  It only covered two story lines, so there won’t be much to review, but lets go over the episode.  As always, major spoilers.

The episode starts off with Dany. Meereen is under attack by the Masters and Dany is question Tyrion what the seven hells happened.  While he admits to have left his guard down, he has a point… Meereen would never be safe from them because Meereen thriving under Dany proves them powerless.  Dany and Tyrion meet up with the three heads of the Masters and decides to negotiate with them… to their surprise, about their surrender, not hers.  While they think they can laugh her off, everything changes when not only Drogon comes to pick her up, but the other two break free and come to mom’s aid.  They take out one of the lead ships within moments, and basically scare the sh*t out of everyone.  Before they can negotiate surrender, Gray Worm kills two of them leaving the third squabbling in fear, and off to tell the other masters what happens when they go against the Mother of Dragons.


Shortly after, Theon and Yara make it to her and another negotiation takes place.  Assist with providing ships (just over 100) so long as Dany backs her claim to the Iron Islands.  Dany finds some connection with her… another woman working on earning the respect as a leader, and agrees; so long as the pillaging and pirating stops.  While not exactly happy with in, Yara agrees.


And so the show continues for the rest of the episode back at Winterfell.  Jon and Ramsey (along with their entourages) meet up the day before battle to discuss surrenders.  Jon challenges Ramsey to a one on one – winner keeps Winterfell.  He wants to avoid all the death that comes with battles.  But Ramsey laughs it off… he knows Job doesn’t have the numbers and is happy to fight them off.  So much so, he doesn’t find the need to hide behind their walls.

Later that night Jon discusses with the crew about how the battle will take place.  They are hoping Ramsey is agree, and will charge into them.  Sansa claims Ramsey is clever, and will not fall for any traps.  Jon sees no other choice and is not willing to wait it out for any reinforcements.


The following day, Ramsey starts things off with unfortunate events.  He brings Rickon along and actually lets him go.  He tells him to run to Job.  And as he runs, Ramsey shoots at him with his bow and arrow, clearly purposefully missing and Rickon runs across the field.  Jon jumps on the horse, running to meet him.  But, Ramsey is a pro in archery, and as he was planning, gets Rickon at the very last moment.  Another Stark bites the dust unfortunately.  Jon looses it and just attacks right then.  His army behind him begin their charge as well.  But Jon is already halfway down the field.  His horse gets shot down with arrows and he just continues charging afoot.  And right before their entire army meets with him, his own has caught up and all hells breaks loose.


Those first few moment with Jon are one of the most intense medieval battles I have ever seen on screen… and I’m including both big screen and the small.  Seriously, the entire battle  as a whole one amazing… one to give even films like Lord of the Rings a run for it’s money.

got6.9-jon battle

Throughout the entire battle, Jon and his army is clearly loosing… they are being out matched and outwitted like steeling candy from a baby.  And right when you think Jon and the last of them are about to kick the bucket, the Knights of the Vale come charging around the hill wiping the Baltons out completely.  Ramsey flee’s back behind the walls, but not many were left behind to defend it, and one of the giants breaks through the large gates – sadly he falls as soon as he goes through, having taken too many arrows; the final one in his eye for Ramsey himself.  He tried to shrug off the fact that he’s cornered… tries to have Jon fight him one on one.  Jon as had enough.  He grabs a shield and deflects the few arrows Ramsey shoots and within a few paces is on him.  Vengeance finally comes for the Starks as Jon pins him down and pummels his face over and over – and right when you think he’s going to finish him off, he sees Sansa standing off to the side.  I love the fact that Jon holds off at that point.  He realizes Ramsey’s death belongs to her more than anyone.

Later that night, Sansa confronts Ramsey, who is tied up in the kennel.  After a few words, she has his hounds released (which he hadn’t fed in over a week).  After a few sniff, they start devouring alive.  And oh what a horrible, yet glorious death… it’s almost weird to have something good like this happen in Game of Thrones.


And the episode ends.  Can’t wait to see what’s in store next week.  What a great season.