Hello Fans,

So, I’m sure you all noticed that unfortunately this week we did not get our weekly dose of Game of Thrones… and I’m sure we’re all going through withdrawal a little.  With only 2 episodes left, and those to include some of the most shocking events so far, I realize why HBO decided to take a break being Memorial Day and all… I’m sure a lot of people where out of town, and trust me when I say the events that are about to take place are not something you want to miss and then have spoiled by someone else – because believe me… EVERYONE will be talking about them.

So, in our waiting, lets go over things…

Jaime has lost his hand, grown an affection for Brienne, and is now traveling south to Kind’s Landing as per Roose Balton (who will be claiming the reward).  Roose until now has been on Robb Starks side, and is in fact heading to the Frey’s for the wedding between Tully and one of Frey’s daughters.  This, to make up for the wedding Robb flaked out on – to his defense, he found and married a girl he truly loves.  This wedding also fulfills a bargain that will gain Robb a much needed army to invade the Lannisters not at King’s Landing, but at their home town, Lannisport.

Got-After Dark-Jaime

The Nights Watch has been destroyed by the White Walkers and the few survivors rebelled against Lord Mormont and killed him (for what they felt to be bad leadership).  Unknown to where they went, Sam escaps and travels south alone with one of Crasters daughters, Gilly, and her newborn son.  Not only are things going well between them, but we finally find out the use for dragonglass, as he uses it to easily slay one of the whites.  And so Sam the Slayer is born.

Jon has travelled south, up and over the wall, with a group of Wildlings.  He has fallen in love with one of them (Ygritte), and the group is heading to Castle Black to sneak in, and open the gates when the time is right so that the full Wildling army can invade the southern lands.

Meanwhile, the Lannisters are ruling as well as they can.  Tywin has been playing everyone by their strings and the family name seems to securing it’s place.  He has married Tyrion to Sansa (securing the North), is about to marry Cercei to Sir Loras (to secure the the Tyrell’s), and is preparing for the greatest wedding the Kingdoms have ever seen – Joffrey and Margaery (Marge herself seems to be extremely cunning and has Joff wrapped in her fingers).

GoT-After Dark-Cercie

Bran seems to be a gifted child, as we find out not only he is a dream-seer (see’s the future through dreams), but also a Warg (can “connect” and see through the eyes of animals… in this case, his Direwolf Summer).  He knows that John is not at the wall, so himself and his group are slowly traveling north, to get to the wall, and go beyond it – in search of the three-eyed crow, which holds the importance of who Bran really is.

Sansa, has been married to Tyrion.  Boo to her… I steal feel worse about Tyrion then her.  Her handmaiden, Shay (Tyrion’s lover), is as always annoyed to be “the secret” and angry that Tyrion has been forced to marry some other woman.  Though she seems to recognize Tyrions devotion to her and is trying to accept it.

GoT-After Dark-Tyrion

Arya has had it the roughest, being first taken under the brotherhood, looses both her friends Hotpie and Gendri, then in turn is kidnapped by Sandor Clegane himself (who despite Dondarion being brought back to life through magic, had earned his freedom).  Fortunately for her, he himself wants the reward for her return, so he also is heading to the wedding of the Frey’s,

Theon is being tortured in the most horrible ways by some sick villain who has yet to name himself – which only brings about the question of who this man is, and what power does he have.  Because he makes every other character seem like and angel in comparison.  No word on Balon Greyjoy, Theons dad, the self proclaimed King of the Iron Islands, but last we heard, he been raiding the western coast here and there, securing the throne… on his island at least.

Stannis, depressed from his losses is still being helped by the red priestess, Melissandre, who has captured Gendri and using his “royal” blood to make 3 sacrifices… on against each of the 3 usurpers (Robb, Joff, Balon).  With all the other creepy things this woman has done, is this something that can come to pass?

Daenarys’ dragons grow, she has purchased an army of 8000 unsullied (basically the most lethal warriors alive), and now won over an army of mercenaries as well.  She slowly travels east to eventually reach the narrow sea, cross is and get back to Westoros.  But the journey will be long, and after sacking the first slaver city (clearly, she hates slavery), she is outside the walls of yet another city – about to burn this one down as well unless they surrender and free the slaves.


Check out the trailer below for next weeks episode (the the photos from TV After Dark’s photo-shoot), and prepare thyselves… because things are about to get crazy.  See you all then…