FINALLY!  Finally we get to bring you some juicy news for HBO’s upcoming season 4 of Game of Thrones!

Other then the trickling rumors of cast, we haven’t heard much about the production itself… until now.  With about 6 months to go before the next season starts, it’s about time we have something to crave our appetites.  Because let me tell you (which you book-readers of Ice and Fire already know)… season 4 will make the Red Wedding seem like the good old days.  Book 4 and 5 take place at the same time, and cosnidering where certain parts of the story have already been taken on the show, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them fit some of that storyline into season 4.

George RR Martin has skillfully been able to constantly bring us more surprises, twist and (unfortunately) deaths, throughout the entire series; and this upcoming season is full of big ones.

So, lets bring everyone up to date.  On casting:

As mentioned earlier this year (during the first casting update), Pedro Pascal will be playing The Red Viper (one of the stronger/bigger roles for this season.  He was actually introduced a little earlier in book 3, so I’m surprised they hadn’t mentioned him yet in the show.

Pedro Pascal

Rumors are that Ed Skrein, who played the charismatic sellsword “Daario Naharis” (whom Danny finds herself intrigued to) is being re-cast.  His replacement probably being Michiel Huisman.  I kinda liked their original casting, so who know’s why the change, but in HBO I trust…

Huisman Michiel

Cool casting for Styr, he Magnar (leader/lord) of Thenn (one of the Wildling warlords), we get Joseph Gatt.  This guys straight up looks deadly.

Joseph Gatt

Mace Tyrell’s shoes get filled with Roger Ashton-Griffiths… another great casting choice.

Roger Ashton-Griffiths

Indira Varma gets picked for Ellaria Sand, another big role, as part of the 7th, yet to be introduced Kingdom of Dorne (from down South).

Indira Varma

Mark Gatiss has also been signed, but for who’s role is yet to be seen.

Mark Gatiss

Finally, we have Joel Fry also joining the cast as Hizdahr zo Loraq.

Joel Fry

This actually being an interesting thing because this character isn’t until book 5 (which takes place simultaneously as book 4 – confusing, I know)… but this confirms my thoughts on them starting to cover that timeline (of book 4/5) in this season.  If done correctly, season 5 would time out with the end of books 4 and 5 (again, those books run parallel, so same timeline ending).  By then I’m hoping Martin will have brought us his second to last book, book 6 in the series, which will be huge and give another 2 seasons for HBO to cover until we get the final book of the series (7).

Until then though, lets see how things look on set for season 4!  Check out the pics below and stay tuned with Don’t Forget A Towel as we’ll bring you more news on the upcoming production.