It still seems like an eternity until one of the best television shows returns! Season four of Game of Thrones is currently in production and HBO has updated their official production diary with some new images from the shoot. You can follow the project as they drop updates by heading over there yourself. What are you looking forward to the most from the highly anticipated season? Sound off in the comments below!

Game of Thrones BHS 02

[box_light]Across the (Narrow) Sea: While there are some specific locations we can’t confirm for security reasons, it was amazing to be able to see so many places in such a beautiful country in such a unique way. The back streets of Old Town and the coastal hotels redressed into fortresses were a sight to see… And it’s not every day you have to cut because someone is doing speedboat tricks in the background of your scene.[/box_light]

Game of Thrones BHS 01

[box_light]Back to the Battlefield: It’s still several weeks of night shoots, and being Belfast, there is still rain, but this time the fight Neil is navigating is not anywhere on the water. The planning of this battle has been taking place for months but unlike any other episode of Season 4, Neil’s will be filmed in a very concentrated burst. In fact, for many on the show – including most of the cast and the other directors, their work was complete before filming on this episode had even begun.[/box_light]

Game of Thrones returns on HBO in the spring of 2014!



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