Hello Towelites, and welcome to a special Game of Thrones update.  With only 29 hours to go before the premiere of season 4, we’re all brimming with anticipation.  So, to hold us over for now, we’ve gather a bunch of cool, funny, awesome and interesting fan favorite items of media.  From photos, to videos, to recaps, to drawings, to even household items.  Peoples love for Game of Thrones spreads as far as the lands of Westoros.

To start, a window blind store in the UK (madetomeasureblinds-uk.com) has created custom blinds with all the houses of Westoros.  Check them out here!

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Meanwhile, the famous comedy group College Humor, as created an almost Monty Python-esc recap video covering all the seasons so far.  Check it here:

And if this show had come out in the 80′?  It’s opening would totally look like this:

On a serious note though, we all know just how serious this show can be; one littered with deaths.  At this point, artists have thrived on the multiple deaths of the show, and have brought beauty in their artwork from it.  Check out some pics from the Beautiful Deaths series:

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Speaking of serious, have you ever wondered how the media would cover all the news from Game of Thrones, if they were all real?  BuzzFeed shows us what it would look like right here:  Media Coverage

And if you want to see a bunch of parodies, check out some of them below, like if Game of Thrones was a 16-bit game:

Or if the book “grandpa” was reading in The Princess Bride was actually Game of Thrones:

Even The Simpsons created an opening for it:

And even better, this cool Skyrim opening a’la Game of Thrones (which, for those Skyrim fans, is AWESOME):

And of course, Star Wars:

But that’s enough with the funny stuff.  Check out a cool HBO interactive website that recaps episodes, character bios, events and more.  Click here!

Finally, here is the original season 4 trailer (which, has an awesome song, btw):

That’s it for today.  Not sure what you all are doing till the premier, but I’m off to prepare for my premier party tomorrow.  Mulled Wine, Baked Pecans, Bacon Wrapped Dates… Even a huge map of the world on the wall.  That’s right, I’m getting my geek on!