green lantern


geoff-johns-rings-green-lanternIn 2004, Geoff Johns started his epic run on Green Lantern and title would never be the same! Johns took a character that had struggled for years to gain momentum and become “hip” and went beyond anyone’s expectations! Within his run, Johns brought Hal Jordan back from the dead in “Rebirth“, patched up the trust issues the ENTIRE corps had with him, brought about the Sinestro Corps War, engulfed us with the Blackest Night, created the rainbow Lanterns, saved the DCU with the Brightest Day, and just now the universe is feeling the wraith of the Third Army! There are a lot of stories in between all of those epic storylines and a lot of tales that have grown from what Johns has created. His success also helped him to rise to the top of DC Entertainment when he was named Chief Creative Officer in 2010. His work on the unsuccessful Green Lantern movie may not be the shining moment of his career, but his work on the comic was one of the main reasons the movie was able to make its way to the screen. Johns stepping down from Green Lantern isn’t the end of his work at DC of course, his work on great titles like Aquaman (one of my favorite titles), Justice League, Justice League of America , and Vibe (straight from the pages of JLA) will continue. Johns will end his run with an extra-sized issue #20 this May.

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