Do you ever finish a game and feel a little empty? There’s a sort of ‘what now’ because after all you probably spent quite a lot of money on the game. You’ve poured time into getting to that final level. So what comes next? Well, that’s the question we’re going to answer today, exploring how to get more from your next gaming experience.

Beat It Again

Once you beat a single player game, you’ll usually have the chance of playing the game at a harder level. Often, there are settings such as easy, medium, hard and something like ‘crushing.’ If you played the game through on easy, you should definitely head through a second time. Easy is really for people who have either never played a game before or have no skill at all. Usually, it will give you hints on objectives, extra lives and even automated aim. It makes an open world game feel like you’re on a train track, constantly heading in the right direction. At medium, you’ll find that all of those features are taken away.

Playing through on hard might make you easier to kill, give opponents headshots and you might even find that the AI is smarter. At crushing or impossible or whatever they’ve decided to call it, you’re usually playing in a game where one hit will kill you. Most people don’t have the skill for this level of difficulty, but it’s worth trying all the same.

Collect The Trophies

These days, most games reward your kleptomania, asking you to collect items, McGuffins, and  complete side quests. Only by doing this can you get 100 percent completion and win rewards, often boosting your gaming profile. It’s fun, it’s time-consuming, it can even be arduous, but if you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, this is what you need to.  

You might think that trophies are a new occurrence in gaming. But they’re not, they’ve been around in some form all the way back to the first MGS and Crash Bandicoot.

Try The Cheats


They can be incredibly fun and while not every game has cheats a lot of them do. There’s a common misconception about cheats that they somehow occur naturally. There are people who believe they’re a mistake and therefore were never intended to be used by the game creator. This is nonsense. If there are cheats in the game, you can bet developers wanted you to find them. If you’re struggling to find the cheats in a game, you’re playing you might want to check out a site like I Like Cheats. They have got all the info you need to make sure you find those hidden passageways, cheat codes and they could even given you the upper hand online.

Challenge The Masses

Finally, if you’ve played through the story, you should then go online and try your luck against some real gamers. As you rise through the ranks, you’ll face tougher challenges, and you can even fight some of the best gamers in the world. This is why a development cycle for a modern game is around four years. Developers are always adding new exciting features to the online play, so you’re experience isn’t really over until the next title is released.