Luckily for us nerds, there are plenty of ways to remained immersed in our chosen genre, even on the go. Being able to access our games, show and favourite films can be a welcome break to the stress and demands of the world. So if you want to take your worlds with you, here how to do it and watch to watch.


Luckily most major TV channels have an app these days. Which, once they are downloaded on your mobile device, means it’s easy to stay on top of your watching schedule when you’re out and about.

For a must watch, Sci-Fi pick tries E4 The Aliens. It’s a combination between a 90’s raver show, combined with a segregation of alien and human culture. Of course, things get complicated, and the theme song by Mooney Suzuki is legendary!


Whether you are a fan or comic book movies or more modern science fiction like The Martian, Interstella or Oblivion, you’ll need a mobile streaming app like ShowBox. Then you can access films in the comfort of your home as well as on long journeys.

Ant-Man is a great watch if you have some time to kill before your train arrives at its destination. It’s nice to see Paul Rudd in a non-Friend’s related role, and he is super funny as well as kick ass. Be sure to watch this before the latest Avengers movie to get everything sequence!




Mobile games are big business these days, and you can even get old school RPGS like FF9 on your mobile. Remember when it took all your PS3’s power to play and there were still loading scenes?

It’s always worth checking out the app chart to see what is trending and get a good idea of what people think of the game offerings. If you’re into puzzle games why not have a go at the beautiful and infuriatingly hard Monument Valley.

monument valley



There is nothing quite like delving into a classic Sci-Fi novel, and with all those e reader apps out there, it’s easier than ever.

Of course, the main one is Kindle, but there is also Kobo too. Being able to sort by genre and have general recommendation is something that the Kindle does well. Although it does mean that you get into an unfinishable loop as your next read is always presented to you.

If sci-fi is your thing check of the Sci-Fi Masterworks series from Gollancz. All the classics are here and if you read them in order. In fact, it’s a pretty good basic education on all the history and references of all the tropes that permeate modern sci-fi. There also a fantasy collection too, to check out.  


Another way of having access to your favourite genre at all time is to give audiobooks a try. These are great because you can listen to your story, and do other things too. So you can be on Tatooine while you’re doing the washing up. Or enjoy a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster with Zaphod while you’re trimming your rose bushes.

Amazon’s Audible is great as again you get to sort by genre, mashing out all those unnecessary geeky titles. Terry Pratchett and Baxter the Long Earth Series, its awesome!