If you were a kid like myself in the 90s then you know just “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” all too well. The character was the star of her own video game series, as well as popular PBS tv show. You hunted down the globe-hopping thief across the Globe and even though I don’t remember the game as vividly as the theme song, I do remember having a grand old time watching and playing both.

Netflix is continuing it’s reboot bus, much like The Magic School Bus, and introducing Sandiego to a whole new generation with an animated series and live-action movie; both starring Jane the Virigin actress, Gina Rodriguez. In addition to the series and movie, there will also be a series of books to coincide with the releases!

Will the members of Rockapella return to sing the soundtrack? Only time will tell, but Stay Tooned to DFAT for more news as it comes out!