Something about the classic monster Godzilla awakens an awe in all of us. From early childhood we remember the old Godzilla, man in a suit, AWESOME city destroying, monster fighting movies that created the legend. THEN we remember the Matthew Broderick crap-fest that tried to moderize and americanize our favorite monster! Luckily for us we had some smash hits like Godzilla 2000 and Final Wars to wash the filth outta our mouths left there by the 1998 version. NOW with the final touches being put on the 2014 “reboot” by Monsters director Gareth Edwards and story by David S. Goyer, another famous “monster-man” is being brought in for some final rewrites on the script, The Walking Dead’s Frank Darabont. This film is looking better by the day. Look for Godzilla to start effing up your hometown sometime in 2014!

Stay tooned 😛



VIA: Collider