The King of All Monsters is on his way to theaters on May 16th, and we have yet to see a full-on image of the title character, Godzilla. We definitely haven’t seen anything from the two monsters that he’s known to be fighting in the film, just a lot of humans running around and planes blowing up.

The trailer below is an extended look at the latter, though you get glimpses of the Kaiju that are terrorizing these humans. The more I see from the film, the more excited I get to catch the movie in IMAX and see what director Gareth Edwards has up his sleeves.

The film is being directed by Gareth Edwards. It will also star: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth OlsenJuliette BinocheDavid Strathairn,  Bryan CrantsonKen Watanabe, and Richard T. Jones also star.  Godzilla opens in 3D on May 16, 2014.