I’m not sure what to think about the latest casting rumor for the upcoming Godzilla reboot. Variety has suggested that thespian actress, Juliette Binoche, is in talks to join the film. She would be acting alongside the other rumored actors of: Aaron Johnson, Bryan Cranston, and Elizabeth Olson. All these people I actually enjoy, and Binoche seems to be making a bit of a comeback after starring in David Cronenberg‘s, Cosmopolis, last year.

The problem that I have with casting all these actors, is that I don’t CARE. None of them are going to be playing monsters, well, maybe that’s where they are going with in this. A completely mo-cap film; but it’s highly doubtful. As long as the role of Godzilla is evil and fights against other monsters, that’s all that I could possibly care about.

We shall see if these rumors become truths, just stay tuned to DFAT and find out!