We are fast approaching the Legendary release date for Godzilla’s return to the big screen on May 16th. We’ve seen the Monster, but not really in action. We’ve also seen glimpses at what Godzilla is up against, but nothing concrete. The newest trailer sheds the veil on what we’re about to see, and that’s an All Out Monster Brawl!

You finally get a full reveal of what Godzilla is up against, a winged creature of destruction. The humans have no choice but to let these two forces of nature destroy each other, and hope that they can live to see the aftermath!

The film is being directed by Gareth Edwards. It will also star: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth OlsenJuliette BinocheDavid Strathairn,  Bryan CrantsonKen Watanabe, and Richard T. Jones also star.  Godzilla opens in 3D on May 16, 2014.