Growing up on Goosebumps was one of the best aspects of childhood. Before all of the modern conveniences and run of the mill “horror”, RL Stine really delivered something so influential that it still is popular today! The latest scare of a good time from this franchise comes in the form of a video game, Goosebumps: Dead of Night by Cosmic Forces and it looks to be a pretty great experience! Check out the official trailer and pick it up for PS4 today (Switch coming soon)!

Slappy has escaped from the pages of Goosebumps and reunited his family of Monsters. It’s up to you to stop Slappy’s dastardly plan to unleash the Goosebumps monsters into our world. To trap Slappy back into his book you’ll have to solve puzzles and outwit the Goosebumps monsters. Can you survive Slappy’s wrath and defeat him?